Daymond John, famous for appearing on Shark Tank (2009-2020), is a billionaire through his ownership of FUBU, an American hip hop apparel company. However, his wealth did not mean that he was happy or having a good time a while ago.

As John gained money, his family started to slip away from him. He became so indulged in his lavish life that he forgot to pay attention to his family.

Today, John has changed. Still rich, but much more grounded than before. John is leading a new married life with his second wife and third daughter.

Daymond John’s Ignorance To His Family Led To Divorce With First Wife

Daymond John was once married to a woman with whom he had two daughters. Their relationship predated the success of his company FUBU.

As CNBC reported him saying at Forefront, as time passed, his company started gaining huge success and becoming a worldwide brand, he started losing touch with reality. John started to stay out of the house than inside for the majority of his time.

This led him to become an absentee dad and husband. He was away for business six months of the year and was partying with his friends for the other six. He rarely saw his wife and kids, and the situation got so bad that his family saw him more on TV than in real life.

(My wife) literally saw me on TV more than she saw me in person because I was in commercials all the time and other than that I was hanging out. 

John’s success also made his connection with the community weaker. His wife even started facing bad and disrespectful comments from her neighbors. He recalled one instance where she got ridiculed for being rich and out of touch after an injury. The neighbors said, "It doesn’t hurt anymore. You are rich."

The final nail on the coffin for his marriage was that he lost his connection with his little girls. Once, he consoled his daughter over the phone when she fell off her bike and got injured. She never got back on a bike again after that.

“You are no longer the person I fell in love with.” were one of the last sentences she spoke to him as his ex wife left him and took his daughters with her.

Daymond John Improved Upon Himself To Not Lose His Daughters

“She took everything from me. She took everything. And it wasn’t one red cent. She took her love and my two little girls away from me. I wouldn’t be there anymore on Christmas to watch my girls open up their presents.” recalled John in November 2016 as he lamented his past.

However, he did not completely lose his daughters. His ex-wife made a deal with him that if he started giving back to the community, he wouldn’t completely lose his daughters. John complied.

He started his "improvement" by teaching people the knowledge he had regarding the business world. Since the early 2010s, he has been involved with numerous organizations and initiatives that focus on the betterment of the community.

After attempts at making himself a part of the community again, his wife respected the agreement that they had had. 

Today, he is on good terms with his two daughters and posts frequently about them.

John’s Current Marriage: Second Wife And Daughter

As he started to redefine wealth and success, he met his current wife, Heather Taras. Their relationship has moved pretty quickly in the last few years or so.

First, they welcomed their first and John’s third daughter, Minka Jagger John, on March 2, 2016.

Then, around six months after their daughter’s birth, Daymond proposed to Heather, on September 22, 2016, while they were taping an episode of Shark Tank.

Finally, they tied the knot on 2 June 2018 in Santorini, Greece.

He is now living a happy life with his second wife and daughter. The pictures of them having fun on different occasions can be seen on Heather's Instagram.