Dave Lee, famously known by his Youtube moniker Dave2D, has earned more than 3.2 million subscribers and  572 million views on his tech review channel. But despite being one of the most influential tech gurus, YouTube is just a side gig for Lee. He still has a main job and his family that he puts before anything else.

Lee Is a Father of Two

Lee rarely ever talks about his personal life on his YouTube channel, and on the rare occasions that he does, he does not reveal much. Usually, he only talks about his personal life at the end of the year Q&A session. 

His 2019 Q&A session was the first time that he mentioned his regular job. He shared that he was adapting to the situation and getting good at handling his main job, family, and YouTube.

It just happens. You just get good, or you just adapt to new things that happen in your life. I now have two kids plus a YouTube channel on top of my regular job. But you just gotta make it work.

He then shared a picture of his two kids on the video — providing a glimpse of both of his kids to the public, perhaps for the first time. 

Dave2D's kids

Dave2D's eldest son and newborn (Photo: Dave Lee's YouTube)

The 2019 session wasn't the first time that the tech reviewer mentioned his family in his videos. The first time Lee shared his personal life was in his July 2015 video titled, "Update No. 4 - Q&A."

In the video, he talked about marriage and showed his eldest son. He revealed that he was married in 2011 and that his son’s name was Nela. He rarely mentions his wife so not much is known about her.

YouTube As a Side Gig

Lee has given casual nods to his main job now and then but hasn't specifically stated what that is. In a video he posted in July 2015, he vaguely mentioned it involved dealing with construction equipment.

My regular job is, I deal with construction and construction equipment. It’s not construction per se but I deal with construction stuff.

While Lee didn't delve further into the subject, he remained pretty open about his thoughts on his YouTube channel and why it will always remain a side gig for him. According to him, he started his channel on January 5, 2015 as a creative outlet because his regular job didn’t have much room for creativity. 

Six years have gone by since Lee uploaded his first video. With such a loyal fan base, it's understandable why the gadget enthusiast plans to keep his channel for as long as he can.

However, it is worth mentioning that although his Youtube escapades allow him to blow off some creative steam, he doesn't plan on it being a full-time thing.

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