Almost every business of Daniel Lubetzky has had a social spin to it and for good reason.

The founder of the multibillion-dollar snack company, Kind Healthy Snacks, had a very humble beginning in Mexico City, with a wartorn family that went through one of the worst periods in human history. 

Daniel is the Son of a Holocaust Survivor

Daniel Lubetzky's father Roman Lubetzy who was born in 1930 in Riga, Latvia was a Holocaust (also known as the Shoah, or the World War II genocide of the European Jews) survivor. Soon after his birth in Riga, Latvia, Daniel's father Roman had moved to Kovno, Lithuania. 

The Nazis invaded the country (Kovno, Lithuania) in 1941 and with the help of the locals. They initiated a campaign to exterminate the 200,000 Jews then-residing in the country. Roman was amongst the 40,000 who survived.


Holocaust survivor Roman Lubetzky z’l was born in 1930 in Riga, Latvia and moved to Kovno, Lithuania at a young age. When the Germans invaded the country in 1941, the Nazis, with the help of the Lithuanians, initiated a systematic campaign to exterminate the more than 200,000 Jews of Lithuania. By the end of the year, only 40,000 Jews remained, and they were forced into four localized ghettos. Roman, his parents, and his older brother were forced into the Kovno Ghetto, where they remained until 1943 when the ghetto was liquidated. They spent about 6 months in a nearby labor camp before being shipped by cattle cars to Germany. Roman’s mother was sent to Stutthof, while her husband and sons were sent to Dachau. Roman, along with his father and brother, miraculously survived in Dachau until they were liberated by American troops in April 1945. At that time, Roman was 6 ft tall and weighed a mere 70 lbs. Among the soldiers who liberated them was Susumu Ito, a 26-year-old lieutenant in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. As a Japanese-American, Ito’s own family had been uprooted and placed in internment camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Yet Ito risked his life to free people like Roman, who were complete strangers to him. After extensive recuperation, Roman emigrated to Mexico in 1947 to start a new life. Despite having experienced humanity in its darkest hour, Roman always believed in the power of kindness, and encouraged his four children to be courageous and compassionate individuals. One of Roman’s sons is @DanielLubetzky, Founder & Executive Chairman of @KINDSnacks. He has dedicated his life to building bridges between people and inspiring empathy. Join us next Wednesday, September 30th for a conversation with Daniel about how his father’s experiences have inspired his work as a business leader and social entrepreneur. (Link in bio!) 📷: Roman and Daniel (Courtesy of Daniel Lubetzky) #yadvashem #yadvashemusa #lessonsfromourparents

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However, the struggle for survival did not end there, he along with his family were forced into the Kovno Ghetto, one of four localized Jewish ghettos, where he remained until the ghetto was liquidated in 1943. They were then moved to a labor camp for six whole years before they were shipped to Germany in cattle cars. 

In the process, the Lubetzky family was separated. Roman's mother was sent to Stutthof, while he was moved to Dachau with his brother and father. It was nothing short of a miracle that they survived in Dachau until the American troops rescued them in 1945. After extensive recuperation, the family was shipped off to Mexico in 1947 where he started a new life.

Daniel's Work is Inspired by His Father's Wisdom

While that living hell might have changed many, Roman never let the darkness mess with the light within. While he was at the Dachau concentration camp, a German soldier threw a potato by his feet when no one was watching. In a CNN interview, Daniel recalled that potato nourished his father's body and soul.

...At Dachau, a German soldier threw a potato by his feet when nobody was watching, nourishing his body and soul. He taught me that even small acts of kindness -- the tiniest touches of humanity -- can have a transformative impact.

Roman always believed in the power of kindness and that even the tiniest touches of humanity could have a transformative impact - a virtue he passed on to his four children. That same virtue has been the billionaire entrepreneur Daniel Lubetzky's guiding star. 

Lubetzky made his fortune, valued at 1.1 billion by Forbes in December 2019, by pursuing business ventures that have a social agenda behind them. So, his business strategy has mostly been establishing not-just-for-profit business entities. 

According to The Times Of Israel article in 2015, the employees of his company, Kind Healthy Snacks, one of the seven companies Lubetzky founded, carried Kindawesome cards that they gave out to random strangers they meet. Every card could be exchanged for a few free Kind bars and more Kindawesome cards to pay it forward to others. Not only that, the company donated $10,000 dollars each month to a social cause on the basis of online voting and nomination. 

A closer look into the brand's mission page also trumpets the social theme. There, the brand has adequately explained how a consumer could make a better decision understanding the type of sweeteners used and harmful ingredients. Even more, the brand is looking to run its operation by wind energy by the end of 2020.

Kind Healthy Snacks' Mission & Values (Photo Source: Kind Healthy Snacks)

Above all, the brand has also delivered on its promise to never use artificial sweeteners and only add as much as less sugar as possible in its products. The brand has also honored its promise to use nutrient-dense food as the first ingredient of any products it makes.

And through Empatico and The Kind Foundation, the snacks company has been making a positive impact in the community through organizing powerful and eventful social movements such as  "connecting diverse classrooms," and "giving back to communities."

His Book Reflects on His Sucess

He has also shared the revolutionary principles behind Kind's success in his book 'Do The Kind Thing.' He celebrated the launch of the mentioned book with his wife Dr. Michelle Lynn Lieberman back in 2015.

Daniel Lubetzky And His Wife Michelle Lynn Lieberman At The Do The Kind Thing Launch

Daniel Lubetzky And His Wife Michelle Lynn Lieberman At The Do The Kind Thing Launch (Photo Source: Facebook)