Cody Kearsley is a Canadian actor scaling the heights of success through his amazing performance as Moose in Riverdale and Turbo Bro Jock in Daybreak.

While both of his roles might lead people to presume him to be gay, the actor is, in fact, straight. 

Cody Kearsley's Gay Roles

Kearsley has been a part of two TV shows—and in both shows, he has brilliantly portrayed the role of a bisexual. Among those shows, one is the hit CW series, Riverdale (2017-20).

In Riverdale, Kearsley portrays Marmaduke "Moose" Mason, a bisexual character. In the series [spoiler alert], he is in a relationship with both a boy and a girl. At first, Moose was dating Midge Klump, played by actress Emilija Baranac. As the show progresses, they separate, and later, in the third season, Moose is in a gay relationship with Kevin Keller, played by actor Casey Cott.

However, as Moose was afraid to reveal his sexual orientation, he kept his relationship a secret. Later, he finally confessed to his father. This angers his father, who threatens to put him in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. As a result, Moose leaves Riverdale (the place) and lives in his aunt's house in Glendale.

The other bisexual character he played was in the Netflix comedy-drama Daybreak. In the series, he was even involved in some gay kissing scenes with another male character, Wesley Fists, portrayed by Austin Crute.

Offscreen, Kearsley is a close friend of Crute, his gay Daybreak co-star. During an interview with Gaytimes in October 2019, Crute revealed that he had a good friendly relationship with Kearsley and that he loves his habits and overall personality traits but stressed how weird it was to kiss his straight co-star in the show.

Still, Crute was appreciative of his co-star and even gave him a shout-out on record.

Considering the finesse with which Kearsley brought both these characters to life, it's no surprise to find out that people have long been posing, "Is Cody Kearsley gay?" However, that is just his dedication to his craft. The fact that Kearsley inspired these questions is actually a testament to how truthfully he can portray any and all roles assigned to him. 

To put it as bluntly as can be: Kearsley is not gay.

Cody Kearsley Now

The 6 feet 2 inches tall actor is a very secretive guy who likes to keep his life offscreen tightly under wraps.

Onscreen though, the actor is setting his sights on bigger things. He recently stood his ground against box-office juggernaut Bruce Willis in the 2020 film Breach. Although he had played as Hawkeye in the 2017 Power Rangers, this was the first time he was the lead in a movie, and that too, alongside Willis. 

The Daybreak actor can next be seen as Travis in River Road alongside Melanie Rose Wilson. The film is based on an intense romantic relationship between a rock musician (Kearsley) and a free-spirited woman (Wilson). Still, it later spirals out of control into a world of drug addiction and crime.