Ever since his debut movie The Whispering came out in 1995, Christopher Russell has portrayed many iconic roles and developed a pretty big fanbase. 

However, in all these years of being in the public eye, Russell has kept his personal and professional life separate.

Here, we try to give you an insight into this handsome Canadian’s life.

Is There any Information Available about Christopher Russell’s Parents?

As claimed by his bio on IMDb, the only piece of information about his parents is that they are British, and Russell is a first-generation Canadian.

Other than that, there isn’t much information available about Russell’s parents, and that is because neither he nor anyone affiliated with him has revealed that context in detail.

However, Russell has given a few glimpses of his parents on his social media. The actor posted a picture on Instagram on August 7, 2018, of him and his parents on a boat ride. He joked about how it was ‘not that great to have his parents drive him around’ in the caption.

Besides this single photo, Russell has not posted anything else about his parents, and neither has he mentioned their names.

What About Christopher Russell Gay Rumors?

It has become a norm that once you portray a gay character in the entertainment industry, you’re bound to be chased by rumors regarding your sexuality. And the same has happened with Russel after his portrayal of Panto Trost in the TV show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016-2017).

But in real life, Russell has lived with the rumors and hasn’t released a public statement about them. Instead, he is living his life with his wife and two kids.

Christopher Russell’s Is Married and has Two Kids

The situation regarding Christopher Russell’s wife and children, again, is almost identical to his parents. He has not revealed their names on his social media yet but has posted their pictures on his Instagram. In fact, his Instagram is jam-packed with pictures of his children—a daughter and a son and his wife.

Going by the caption of a picture he posted on September 20, 2017, his daughter, who is around seven-years-old now, was four at the time. Asper his remarks mentioned in an interview, she was born seven weeks early, exactly when the shooting for his 2013 movie Catch a Christmas Star began.


My 4 year old daughter insisted on giving me dance lessons in our matching #blundstone boots! #daddysgirl

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Fast forward to 2015, his son was born. According to a birthday post he put on his Instagram in 2017, his boy’s birthday is on October 23.


Happy 2nd birthday to the greatest little boy I've ever known! I love you J #mamasboy #greatestadventure #bestsonever

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According to his Hallmark Channel bio, Russell currently lives with his wife and two children in Vancouver, Canada.

What is Christopher Russell’s Net Worth and Height?

Christopher Russell, who stands at the height of 6 feet 2 inches(1.88 meters), has been acting in movies and TV shows for more than two decades. This experience should prove handy when it comes to demanding good pay for roles in cinematic productions.

Even with that speculation, there is no definite and credible information available regarding Russell’s net worth. And unfortunately, he was not included in the Hallmark Channel’s movie stars’ net worth list released by Go Banking Rates in December 2018.