The Saturday Night Live cast member, Christopher Jerell Redd, aka Chris Redd, spent a lonely life and was extra-cautious about dating during the pandemic.

The actor appeared on Conan virtually during the lockdown days, where he talked about his single life and precautions he would take while finding a date during the Coronavirus pandemic.

When host Conan O’Brien asked about what it would take for him to date during the pandemic, Redd mentioned the test results would be necessary for any prospective partner.

He also said that he’s excellent at picking out who’s actually been quarantining and following safety guidelines during pandemic times.

The comedian further explained that he sometimes asked people casually about going to a party to know if they’re really quarantining. O’Brien stated, “So, it’s your own sting operation,” to which Redd laughingly replied, “Yes it is!”

Launched COVID-19 Protest Relief Fund

In the interaction, he also talked about his COVID-19 Protest Relief project that he started in June 2020 to raise funds and help the people involved in protests against George Floyd’s killing on May 25, 2020. The fund was raised to help cover medical costs, hospital bills, treatments, injuries sustained while protesting, bail relief, and court expenses for the protesters.

The comedian was inspired to create the fund because he felt a little useless and thought someone should develop a plan to provide relief for those people. After a while, he realized he could be the one. Within five hours of the page going live, more than $80,000 had been raised on GoFundMe.

According to the GoFundMe page of the COVID-19 Protest Relief Fund, the goal was to raise $400,000, and over $370,000 has been raised as of February 2021. There have been over 7500 donors who have helped his fund to change the lives of people in need. 

“As thousands of people take to the streets to protest racial discrimination and the many Black Lives lost at the hands of injustice, we also have the unfortunate fact that this deadly pandemic is still upon us. This fund is to assist those that contract this disease while protesting and other protest-related injuries as many are being attacked while speaking out.,” the official page reads.


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Redd Was in a Relationship

Even though the SNL star doesn’t let anyone invade his personal space and keeps a pretty low profile, there have been instances when he had mentioned his girlfriend. In one of the January 2020 episodes of his show, he revealed about being hit by his girlfriend in a routine. 

Similarly, in a 2019 interview with Chicago Tribune, he opened up about having his ex-girlfriends support him during his initial days as a stand-up comedian.


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However, Redd didn't reveal the identity of his ex-girlfriends.