The popularity of Oscar-award winning South Korean comedy-thriller Parasite introduced the female lead, Cho Yeo-jeong, globally—making the viewers mesmerized by her beauty.

But since South Korea is notorious for people enhancing their outer beauty through plastic surgery, people wondered if the actress's beauty was also a byproduct of one. So, has the Parasite actress been under the knife?

Keep reading to find out!

Yeo-Jeong Believes in Natural Beauty

Actress Yeo-Jeong is a firm believer in embracing natural beauty and does not like to choose the easy way. Her belief is so strong that she has even written it in her book entitled 'Healing Beauty' so that other people can also follow her formula.

The diva revealed all of her skincare secrets in the book and divided them into four parts — peaceful healing, natural healing, smart healing, and body healing. In those four different parts, she stated many of the procedures that she followed every day.

Moreover, she also mentioned that doing yoga, double-cleansing, eating whole foods, drinking tons of water, using facial masks for maximum hydration, and face massage for circulation played a vital role in her beauty.

Furthermore, the actress revealed that she completely avoids the white devils—white sugar, rice, flour, and salt.

Doesn’t Want to Pamper Herself

In an article by Sulwhasoo, it was revealed that Yeo-jeong did not like to use any artificial products to gain superficial beauty. This, she believed, would eventually degrade a person's natural beauty. 

As per Sulwhasoo, she also built her own value by refraining from any superficial enhancements. Also, she has promised herself not to be lazy and keep on maintaining her good health.

Likewise, on a YouTube video of KBS WORLD TV, the Woman of 9.9 Billion actress mentioned that many actors/actresses want to change their image and surpass their own limits by following different procedures and even undergoing plastic surgery, which as per her, wasn't a boon.

She was Rejected In A Movie Due To Her “Good Look”

Many entertainers get roles in movies and TV shows due to their talents, and naturally, due to their good looks. But, it was different in the case of Yeo-jeong.

On August 3, 2017, while having a conversation with some of her friends on KBS WORLD TV, the Korean actress revealed that she really wanted to portray a much-contested role of 'Candy' in a particular film. However, when she dressed up nicely and went to do the audition, the writers rejected her, saying that she was "doll-like."

The actress continued her statement by adding that the producers’ comments weren’t meant as a compliment and that she wasn't sure what to do next.