Chip Foose is a respected automobile designer who is well-known for his 2004 series Overhaulin’. His innovative design firm Foose Design has been on the map since 1998, right before when he was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame.

But his success is not a result of his singular efforts. His wife and manager, Lynne, seems to have played an equally important role.

Who Is Chip Foose's Wife?

Lynne is the vice president and corporate financial officer of their designing firm, Foose Design, Inc. A force to be reckoned with, she has made a mark in a typically male-dominated industry.


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Lynne graduated from Orange Coast community college in 1990. With a major in organizational psychology, she ventured into the world of business at the age of 23.

She opened a restaurant, Giovanni‘s Pizza, in collaboration with her brother and monitored the business part while her brother handled the culinary factors.

After taking care of the restaurant for four years, Lynne stepped down from her role and moved back to her hometown, where she married Chip, her long-time boyfriend.

She utilized leisure in the early years of her marriage and attended the Western State College of Law in Irvine, California. As soon as she got her law degree, she opened a firm that would later be the family business. She ran it till 1998. 

Lynne Is an Essential Part Of Chip's Business

It would only be fair to say that Foose Design, Inc. wouldn't have been there if not for Lynne. She had an equal contribution in founding the company the year their first child was born. 

Lynne managed all the licensed and legal permits for the organization. Since they couldn't hire any people due to low finance, she worked multiple roles. She was a receptionist, bookkeeper, CFO, secretary, and in-house counsel on top of being a mother to an infant. 

The business escalated in 2003 when they got to shoot for Overhaulin’. The show became an instant hit with three episodes airing on TLC per month. But three episodes that lasted eight days each meant more work. 

As a believer, Lynne didn't succumb to the pressure; she persevered and handled all tasks as a working mother — ultimately helping the company to be a brand.


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Chip considers himself lucky to have a wife like Lynne. In an interview with Motor Week Chip, he claimed he needed her expertise for the profit to be soaring.

Also, in another interview in 2016, he mentioned how Lynne looked over his firm and career's financial side, claiming that she “cut up all her credit cards” once to curb his spending. He also said he only held one credit card to this day because of his wife.

Likewise, he highlighted his wife's importance in a 2019 anniversary post on Facebook.

We couldn’t run Foose Design without you(Lynne)!

Through Thick And Thin

Lynne’s significance in Chip’s success extends way beyond just her managerial position. As a wife, she has provided emotional and mental support to Chip and has been there with him on every step.

When asked about challenges in his career, he said during the 2016 SEMA show that it was “finding the right people to help [him]," and he was lucky to have found Lynne. “I am extremely grateful that I married the right woman,” he added.

Back when they were dating, Lynne was the one who encouraged Chip to finish art school.

He had dropped out from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena after the death of his younger sister from Progeria. But when things went back to normal, Lynne persuaded him to join the college and get his degree. 

Now, Chip attributes his decision to go back to college to his wife.

She wanted to marry her equal… so I knew I had to figure out how to get back to the Art Center, and it’s the best thing I ever did in my life.

Lynne and Chip have a beautiful family of five, including two kids — son Brock Foose and daughter Katie Foose.