Chip Foose is a respected automobile designer well-known for his 2004 series Overhaulin’. His innovative design firm Foose Designs has been on the map since 1998, right before which Chip was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall Of Fame, honoring his designing ability.

But his success is not a result of his singular efforts. His wife (and manager) seems to have played an equally important role in putting Chip where he is now.

In this article, we will explore Chip’s marriage and the role his wife has played in his success.

Who Is Chip Foose's Wife Lynn?

Chip Foose’s wife is an essential part of his business, mostly because she is Chip’s executive assistant and manager at “The Official Chip Foose”, his designing firm.

Lynne graduated from Orange Coast community college in 1990. Although much about her is unknown, her Linkedin reveals she had experience co-ordinating as a volunteer, and she seems to be interested in athletics like swimming and soccer.

Lynne Is an Essential Part Of His Business

Chip has highlighted several times the important role she plays in running his firm.

They established the company together, and in an interview with Motor Week Chip, he claimed that they are interdependent.

I need her expertise, and hopefully, she needs mine.

Back in 2016, he also mentioned in an interview that Lynne looked over his firm and career's financial side, claiming that she “cut up all her credit cards” once to curb his spending. He also said that he only held one credit card to this day because of his wife.

Similarly, he highlighted in a 2019 post about their anniversary that Lynne was integral to his firm too.

We couldn’t run Foose Design without you(Lynne)!

Lynne's Support Has Played A Huge Role Throughout Chip’s Career

Lynne’s significance in Chip’s Success extends way beyond just her managerial position. As a wife, she has also provided emotional and mental support to Chip and has been there with him every step of the way.

When asked for challenges in his career, he told in the 2016 SEMA show that it was “finding the right people to help (him)”, and that he was lucky to have found Lynne.

“I am extremely grateful that I married the right woman,” he added.

Back when they were dating, Lynne also encouraged Chip to finish art school after he had dropped out due to financial reasons.

Now, Chip attributes his decision to go back to college to his wife.

She wanted to marry her equal… so I knew I had to figure out how to get back to the Art Center, and it’s the best thing I ever did in my life.

A true epitome of soulmate, Lynne supported Chip and opened their own company, Foose Design, when Chip’s company hit bankruptcy in 1998.