Reality TV star and burgeoning rapper Chanel West Coast constantly finds herself on the receiving end of haters who pollute her social profile comment section. However, she takes all that in stride and claps back at her haters, doing a good job of that even. 

While she herself claims to be humble, she also has the love and support from her loyal fans that help to fight back at the trolls. 

Read on to find examples of some of the nastiest comments that the rapper has to deal with daily.

The Rapper Clears Up Plastic Surgery Accusations To Her Trolls

With the fame that MTV’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness brought her, Chanel West Coast also seemed to have found a handful of hate comments along with it. 

The fame of the reality star cum rapper seems to have opened up some sort of pandora’s box as Trolls now make up a constant part of her life.  

There were several instances when the rapper had to fend off unwanted commenters in her profiles. The hate that she gets goes back since she started using social media. But to speak of recent events: In July 2019, all she posted was herself twerking to the camera but one troll wasn’t particularly impressed with that and left a nasty comment hinting at the kind of woman she was. 

The person wrote, “So sad...will never have a man who really respects you.” The hip-hopper fired back, writing, “every other b*ch who poses with their p-y out got a man. So F U, you frigid b*ch. I’m an amazing woman, and twerking in my living room has nothing to do with what type of man I will find.”

Then, in August 2019, a particular troll commented on her sultry crochet one-piece suit. The troll commented something that was completely unrelated to the photo at hand and instead commented about her signature laugh. 

Chanel West Coast Clap Backs On Her Laugh Comment (photo: Instagram)

The troll commented, “Hot Body. But I can hear the laugh through the picture,” adding a cold sweat emoji at the end. The rapper herself took a dig back at the troll, saying, “everyone loves the laugh. Only mean and miserable people dislike it lol.”

Although the rapper’s laugh has come a bit under scrutiny, it has become her signature trait over the years. 

In December 2019, one troll took a side dig at her and commented on what had really been on everyone’s mind since she took to fame. The said commenter complimented her while taking a dig at her plastic surgery at the same time. The cheeky comment was, “I love what the lip fillers did to your lips.” This Immediately prompted a reply back from the rapper,” I have no lip fillers,” with a laughing emoji. 

This was a nod to the plastic surgery rumors that the rapper had been on the receiving end for quite some time. But that didn't bother her and she replied in polite terms that what she had was all-natural and hinted that there was no plastic surgery involved whatsoever. 

Chanel Does Not Understand All The Hate Coming Towards Her

Being the victim of constant harassment from online trolls has made her strong, to say the least. Regardless, the constant criticism and online bullying would take their toll on any celebrity. 

In an Instagram story, the rapper came out in public regarding the trolls she has received. And quite frankly, she didn’t get it. She said that she was the nicest person but didn’t understand all the digging. “I’m the nicest person around, the least of a ho, so generous and loving, so hardworking, yet I get these vibes like someone out there [is] s—tting on my name. I cannot figure it out.”

Chanel-West-Coast-Slams-Haters (photo: Instagram)

This wasn’t the first time that she came to share her grievances with the public. Even fellow celebrities seemed to have been a part of her grievances. As she knew that other celebrities who aren’t too fond of her had taken the time and effort to take a dig at the rapper. 

In another one of Chanel’s Instagram stories, she wrote, “The amount of mean people [who] are looked up to blows my mind,” she added, “Literally some of the most famous, influential people are SO nasty and hypocritical in real life. If only people knew who they were idolizing.” She continued, “Anyone who spews hate towards any human being for any reason should never be looked up to. People who spread LOVE to all are the ones we should idolize and emulate.”

Fortunately For Her, Her Loyal Fans Are By Her Side

Chanel is not alone in her fight with her trolls. As for any celebrity with a good heart, she has some loyal fan following who are more than happy to stand by her side and give their good word or two in solidarity with her. 

With regards to her above mentioned August troll that took a dig at her laugh, one fan said in support, “The laugh should be trademarked.” While another added, “Personally love her laugh. I literally wait for it. The videos aren’t honestly even funny unless @chanelwestcoast is laughing IMO.” Another fan even added, “your laugh is genuine and so contagious lol.”

Then in a December 2019 post of her interview with rapper Blueface at Rolling Loud, in response to one rude comment that said, “Damn this chick has zero class and even less cash smh hahaha,” one of her fans wrote, “it’s just boobies lol we ladies have em.” Then another one of her fans immediately added, “so then why are you on her page.” pointing to the fact that the troll was a follower of the rapper despite having a low opinion of her. 

Chanel West Coast Slams Newbies in-the-Music Industry (photo: Instagram)

Despite all the shades thrown at her, Chanel holds her head up high. One reason being — her fans' support towards the rapper every step of the way. Another reason, we guess, is that she herself is quite a humble person. She started working since she was 15 years old and grew up with a single mom. She shared this fact when another one of her trolls took a dig at her family.