New York DJ Alex Sensation is a popular name in the music industry, especially among Latinos. He gains his fame mostly from working for the Latino FM La Mega 97.9, and he is well-respected in his home country Colombia.

Setting career aside, Alex has an equally fulfilling personal life with a wife and two children, evident from his social media posts. While public interviews of Alex are rare, if any, his Instagram reveals various aspects of his family life and the kind of relationship he shares with them.

We will go over the details of Alex’s marriage, talk about his mysterious wife, and explore more of his family and how he spends time with his children.

Alex’s Social Media Gives Insight To His Marriage And Wife

Due to lack of any media appearances whatsoever, Alex’s romantic life had remained obscure to fans for quite a long time. But then social media came around, and various pictures of Alex with the same woman surfaced on his Instagram. They were seen together in both Columbia and Florida, and the captions also suggested a degree of affection for each other. Later a series of anniversary posts confirmed that they were, in fact, married, and he also referred to the lovely woman in his posts as his 'wifey.'  A Facebook post by Dr. Hon Mesa revealed the first name of Alex’s wife as being Diana.

Alex And Diana Have Been Married For Over 20 Years.

Just like Alex’s anniversary posts and Dr. Mesa’s Facebook posts were proof of Alex and Diana’s marriage, another Instagram throwback post hinted at the duration of their marriage. Alex shared a picture from 20 years ago of him and Diana, assuring that they have been married for at least 20 years, and possibly more.

Alex clearly doesn't shy away from pouring his love for his long-time partner, as is evident from myriad of his social media posts, most notably in this one, where he explicitly declares loving her to infinity.

My queen. I love you infinitely. Another year of anniversary and also on International Women's Day, you are my everything, seeing you happy is the most important thing for me (translated from Spanish)

While two of the aforementioned anniversary posts are from August, the one on International Women's Day is from March, which can mean that they started dating around March.

Wife Diana Avoids The Spotlight

As you have probably realized by now, Diana is quite the mysterious woman. We don’t even know her last name, while details about her career or life remain entirely unknown too. We do know that her birthday is January 27 from Alex’s Instagram, but that is pretty much all we have got. Her social media either does not exist or is private, seeing that she is not tagged in any of Alex’s posts. It is apparent that Alex’s wife does not want a share the spotlight with her famous husband.

The Couple Spend Lots Of Time With Their Two Kids

Alex and his wife also have two kids. His older son turned 22 this February, and he also has a much younger son whose age is unknown. The family of four often go out together, and there are also posts of them in a family dinner or simply playing board games. 

The father of two also doesn't seem to mind that his children are growing older, as he still likes to spoon-feed them every now and then.

Taking care of your puppies (sons) no matter how old they are (translated from Spanish)

It seems quite obvious that Alex and his wife like to spend time with their children, just as much as they like spending time with each other.