Born on June 18, 1990, British stud Alex Roe became a well-known actor when he starred in The Fifth Wave (2016). After the initial success, he immediately rode the wave and landed the male lead role in Rings (2017). However, Roe has managed to stay under the radar most of his career as an actor. And he prefers it that way.

Roe also rarely reveals information about his personal life. Even his social media has limited pictures of his family. Let alone romantic relationships. However, pieces of evidence have been collected throughout the years, and the fans have spoken on his behalf.

Alex Roe Denies Rumors of Romance With Co-Star

The Fifth Wave was shot in Atlanta. Roe had almost all of his scenes with co-star Chloe Grace Mortez. Filming can be rough when co-stars dislike one another, especially while shooting over several months. So, the actor said he was happy that he and Chloe hit it off right from the start. And since Mortez’s family is from Atlanta, he even went to her house for Thanksgiving that year. 

No matter what it looked like, he was insistent that he wasn’t romantically involved with his co-star. Roe claimed that he was happily single and denied all the internet rumors. But he added at the end that he wouldn’t say no if someone amazing came by.

Behind the scenes of The Fifth Wave. Left: Chloe Grace Mortez and Right: Alex Roe (Source: Pinterest)

The Actor Barely Shares About His Family

The six-foot and a half actor with chiseled jawline is the son of an equally charming father.

While he doesn’t share much about his family, it was revealed in Go London that his father was a handyman from Ladbroke Grove. He grew up there with his grandfather, who was a boxer. His mother was a ballet dancer who passed her creative genes to him. And, he also has a twin sister who was revealed in his Instagram post.

Under-The-Radar Relationships of Alex Roe

Before Roe hit it big in the movies, in August 2014, he was spotted hand-in-hand with Olivia Cooke. The English couple was headed for the Arctic Monkeys concert that very night. Whether this ordeal was just a date or a long term relationship is uncertain. But, they are not in a relationship as of current. Olivia Cooke is well known for her roles in the series Bates Motel and miniseries Vanity Fair.

In October 2018, Roe was allegedly dating Monica Noonan. When the TV series Siren launched a Twitter contest, #SirenContest, Roe, and Noonan’s picture together was brought to light. 

In November 2019, a fan comment claimed that Monica Noonan and Alex Roe were still dating and were together in Vancouver, Canada. The fan comment stated that they were filming the season 3 finale of Siren. Moreover, Monica and Alex had adopted a puppy named Sonny after dating for a long time. 

A fan comment claiming Alex Roe and Monica Noonan are soon to be married (Source: MarriedCelebrity)

While Alex Roe has not yet married, there have been speculations that he has been engaged to Noonan, his to-be wife. In December 2019, there was another fan comment which suggested that Roe and Noonan were engaged.

A fan comment asking whether Alex Roe and Monica Noonan are engaged (Source: Instagram)

With the above information gathered throughout the years, it can be assumed that the pair might still be dating and are to be married shortly. The truth will be revealed soon when Alex Roe finally gets married.