Alberti Popaj has been working as a host for QVC (Quality Value Convenience) for a long time. He first started working as a program host on the network in January 2014 and had worked as Director of QVC for two years prior to that.

However, about a month ago, he gave his fans a good scare. He failed to mention his return date on a vacation announcement, and this sent the fans into panic mode.

So, is he still working at QVC? Or did the concern of his fans actually turn out to be true?

Is Alberti Popaj Still with QVC?

On October 2, 2020, Alberti Popaj made an announcement that he was going to go on vacation for a few days. He stated that he was going to spend a few days with his family and his two cute little dogs.

Cheers friends! I’ll be off for a few days spending time with these two and with family. Just want you all to know.

He ended the post by saying that he could not wait to be back working again.

I can’t wait to be back on air with you very soon!!

However, he did not mention any return dates in his message.

Popaj Returned Shortly After And Put The Fans’ Minds To Rest

As a host of a very popular daily show with thousands of devoted viewers, he raised a bit of concern for his fans by not providing a return date. Having not returned in "a few days" as he had promised, his fans had started to wonder what had actually happened to him.

Some of the fans had started to speculate that Popaj had been fired from the show. This was a genuine concern for the fans as QVC had previously let go of a few other hosts like Antonella Nester, Gabrielle Kerr, Stacey Stauffer, and Kristine Zell due to the precarious situation that the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth.

Others were getting worried thinking whether he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Thankfully, neither was the case with Popaj. He announced his return to Gourmet Holiday on October 21, 2020, through a post on Facebook and on Instagram.

His Fans Couldn't be More Glad on His Return

Popaj's fans were ecstatic about his comeback and the comments on his Facebook post demonstrates the enthusiasm. One user named Wendi Bennett Jenkins wrote “So glad you're back. I've been wondering where you were. I will be tuning into Gourmet Holiday this afternoon! So good to see you.” in the comment section.

“Welcome back! Everyone said you were on vacation but you were gone so long I was worried you weren't coming back. SO happy to see you!”

Another wrote, “So glad you are back. I was afraid they had gotten rid of you too. The Gourmet shows haven't been the same.”

Pointing out that his vacation was longer than she, and other fans expected, Rita Schultz commented, “Your vacation lasted longer than I expected. I was getting worried. I'm SO glad you're back!”

“Welcome back! Everyone said you were on vacation but you were gone so long I was worried you weren't coming back. SO happy to see you!” wrote another user, encapsulating what everyone had been feeling during his absence.

Melissa Charlier, too, expressed her concerns writing, “Welcome back! I was so afraid you tested positive. Stay safe.”

Therefore, the answer to the question "Is Alberti Popaj Still On QVC?" is yes, he most definitely is. And after his much-needed but unexpectedly long vacation, he is back to doing what he does best; providing the viewers with the best information regarding various products in a fun and entertaining way on the Gourmet Holiday, as evident through his Facebook posts.