Abby Lee Miller had to fight numerous battles, be that her weight or the Enforcement Authorities or her health. Whatever be the challenge, she managed to come up trumps over everything. 

The 52-year-old dance instructor is one of the most famous names in the dancing scene and a certified dance trainer. Furthermore, she is the founder of Abby Lee Dance Company and the main character of Lifetime's hit series Dance Moms around whom the show is centered. 

Abby Lee Miller stars in the poster of Dance Moms in 2017 (Photo:

Abby was born into a dance family as her mother, Maryen Lorrain owned the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio in Penn Hills Pennsylvania.

As a classic case of like mother and like daughter, Abby showed an interest in Dance from an early age.

Under Mareyn's direction, the famous daughter started dancing, and by 1986, she was certified by Dance Masters of America (DMA) and was also awarded membership of Dance Masters of Pennsylvania Chapter #10

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And in 1995, she took over her mother's dance company and named it Reign Dance Productions. She was responsible for honing the skills of young dancers and making them able to dance professionally. 

Moreover, her dance company, Abby Lee Dance Company was chosen as the lead institute for Lifetime's dancing reality show, Dance Moms, which premiered in 2011.

Not only Dance Moms introduced Abby to an American audience but also gave insights into the cutthroat competition that was rife in the dancing scene in an around the states.

Similarly, the show also portrayed Abby as a hard and uncompromising coach but also brought her no-nonsense attitude to light and saw her labeled mean.

And it was during the show's course in 2015 when the plus-sized Abby displayed atoned down figure after going through a drastic weight loss campaign.

The star was accused of having surgery to undergo weight loss. However, the star brushed aside the claims and said she lost her weight after being around her sick mother who had lung cancer and died in 2014. 

As one of the most isolating figures in the show, Abby has both her critics and fans. She has been shown in the show having constant quarrels with her students' family who resented her bullying approach when it came to mentoring her students. 

However, it's not just the mixed feelings that Abby has garnered from the show, but also a substantial net worth. Despite filing for bankruptcy in 2010, her net worth is listed as $2 million, an impressive figure for a confessed bankrupt. 

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Born on 21 September 1965 in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania to a dancing instructor mom, Abby had dancing in her genes. And she has devoted her whole life to the dance and has never married. 

Despite not marrying; she has her dance academy's members whom she calls her family. She labels all her girls as her daughters.

And one of her self-professed daughters, Maddie Ziegler is a household name in the states after wowing audiences with her graceful dance.

However, instead of being proud of her daughter's achievements, Abby was critical of her for being too 'dance-centric' and not sharing her success with Abby and her dance company family.

It is not the first time the star has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons as she has been continuously bugged by various problems. 

From Daughters Blame To Serving Her Time In the Federal Prison, And Cancer

In 2014, one of her daughters in the show, Dance Moms accused her of assault and bullying. Similarly, she cited her show's producers in 2015 for her weight issues and claimed that they tempted her with delicacies which led her to overeat.

However, the worse was yet to come as she left the show in 2017 claiming that her producers had manipulated her persona to gain higher ratings and accused them of using her. 

Abby Lee Miller before after photo after her weight loss in 2015 (Photo:

And in July 2017, she was sentenced for a year in prison and a fine of more than $150Ks, for bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations.

She had filed for bankruptcy in 2010 claiming she had her net worth in the reds and owed more than $400,000 to the administration. The case ran for full seven years before she was found guilty of the offenses. 

After serving her time in the prison for eight months, she was released in March 2018. However, her problems showed no signs of abating as she was diagnosed with a spinal infection and underwent surgery in April 2018.

Shortly later, she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgins Lymphoma, a form of cancer and had to go under the blade again a month then, along with three bouts of chemotherapy. 

After facing numerous ordeals over an extended period, things are looking rosy for the veteran dance trainer. However, nothing seems to have fazed the battle-hardened choreographer as she has maintained a positive outlook in her life. 

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She is recovering well from two surgeries in quick succession and have taken to her Instagram to update her situation to her followers on numerous occasions. Similarly, she has also talked about returning to the eighth season of Dance Moms

It seems like things are slowly getting back to normal for the troubled star. 

Find Out How Much Weight Did Abby Miller Lose In Prison

Back in 2016, Miller was caught up in some legal trouble which led her to prison. After her sentence, the star has seriously slimmed down. It seems like her prison time taught her some hard life lessons.

Before her sentencing, she was thinking of doing something to lose her weight. Moreover, weeks before Abby knew if she had to serve time in prison, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery. While she was in the show, Dance Moms, the producers were keeping her overweight for the show, but she was not happy with how she looked on the TV.

It seems like the gastric sleeve surgery and prison time resulted in her severe weight loss. As her a year-long sentence was reduced to eight months, she had already lost around 100 pounds when she came out in public. She was able to shock her fans and the media with the transformation.

Later on, after coming out of the prison, she mentioned that she wanted to do a tummy tuck, breast lift, and skin removal surgery as well. Moreover, she has become a source of inspiration to many people proving that if we want something with our heart, we can achieve that goal in no time.