Shanna Riley married American Youtuber Roman Atwood when both of them were just 18 years of age. Some years later, the relationship went so bad that Roman became almost offensive to her.

The Utah native is most famously known as the wife of famous Youtube prankster Roman Atwood. Roman is seen to be talking about her from time to time in his video blogs.

Here are some quick wiki facts regarding Shanna’s age, net worth, relationship with her husband Roman Atwood and their children.

1. Shanna Riley Bio: Age, Parents

Shanna Riley was born on 21 February 1983 in Utah, the United States of America as Shanna Janette Riley. She is currently 35 years of age.

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No information is available regarding her parents, her early life or education since she keeps personal information private.

2. Married To Roman Atwood

It was only 1999 when Shanna had started dating Roman Atwood. A couple of years later, on 17 November 2001, the couple got married and changed the relationship to husband-and-wife.

The family was a happy one, relishing in joy every now and then. A few years later after the love marriage, on 18 October 2004, Shanna gave birth to son Noah Vaughn Atwood. The family became well-bonded with the new member and at that time, Roman was working in his family business despite his interest in making Jackass styled prank videos.

According to wikis, the joy in the family came to an end in 2008 when Roman found out that Shanna was cheating on him with one of his producers.

3. Divorce with Roman Atwood

It is hard for anyone to believe that the relationship that had started with love finally ended with bitter hate. Roman immediately filed for a divorce with Shanna after he found out about the cheating.

Roman met Brittney Smith just after the divorce, in November 2008, and fell in love with her. The relationship of Shanna was getting bitter day by day and the former couple got divorced finally in 2010. The divorce was cold and maybe Shanna was also given a part of Roman's total whopping net worth of $12 million.

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Just a year after the divorce, Brittney gave birth to Roman’s son Kane Alexander Atwood on 23 October 2011 who is not 7 years of age.

4. Cold Relationship Between Shanna Riley And Roman Atwood

It is normal for things to go different and bad after divorce and same was the case for Shanna Riley. After the divorce, her former husband frequently rants about her in his youtube channel. In one of his videos, he curses her for asking him more money and raising his eldest son Noah bad. Noah spends the weekdays with Shanna and weekends with Roman.

Tweeting Offensive: Roman Atwood uses B-word addressing former-wife to justify the cold relationship with her (Source: Roman Atwood's Twitter) 

It was not only from Roman’s end, but Shanna also sued Roman in 2015 for showing their son Noah in the vlogs. The accusation was that Noah helped Roman make money via Youtube. Noah was first kept away from his father’s vlogs for some time but some time later, he was allowed again.

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All of the things going on with the lives of Shanna and Roman show that things are not well between them. They should try to let things loosen up for the children, if not for themselves and find solace in the place they are and the person they are with.