For American famous basketball WAG Robyn Hayward, her husband's safety was of utmost importance. And she not only expressed concern for her husband's wellbeing, but she also took the matter into her hands and imposed an order so that her husband was well protected. 

Robyn Hayward is a relatively unknown name to people, but for fans of NBA power-forward Gordon Hayward, who currently plays for Boston Celtics, she is a household name. A socialite and better half of the NBA Allstar, she is a constant presence in the basketball court during Celtics' games. 

Robyn & Gordon: Robyn and her husband Gordan talking about the challenges of parenting (Video: Published on Mar 24, 2016 )

Here we have prepared a brief wiki including her early-life, her married life with Gordon, family life and more.

1. Robyn Hayward Bio & Age

Gorgeous beauty, Robyn Hayward was born on 8 April 1994 in the United States of America as the daughter of Robert and Angela Van Vliet.

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According to the wikis, she graduated from Bishop Chatard High School in 2013 and also spent a full year studying cosmetology school after her graduation.

During her college days, Robyn, aged 24, was an excellent volleyball player with unique defensive skill sets despite being at a height disadvantage. She is of an average height measuring 5 feet 5 inch (1.67m) from top to bottom.

She was a volleyball player for Indianapolis Bishop Chartered High School even helping the team to State championship in 2012.

2. Robyn Married NBA Star Gordon Hayward At Just 20 Years Of Age

The talented diva had a deep interest in sports from her early age. And that interest seems to have spilled in her choice of partner in her personal life as well as she is currently married to NBA Star Gordon Hayward. Gordon, who currently plays for Boston Celtics is one of the biggest stars of NBA and boasts a net worth of $185 million.

Gordon and Hayward started dating since their high school days. The couple had a deep and mature relationship despite their young age and got engaged in December 2013. That winter saw Gordon pop up the ring and ask her to get married, but even she could not have believed that her wedding day would come soon after getting engaged. 

The couple who were engaged after just six months of dating again took just six months to upgrade their relationship. And the following year, Robyn & Gordon decided to take the final step in their relationship and tied the knot on 24 May 2014.

Robyn With Her Husband: Robyn and Gordon Hayward poses for a picture during their wedding on 24th May 2014 (Photo: Pinterest)

The wedding took place at St. Simon The Apostle Church, Indianapolis. At that time, Robyn was just 20 years of age and still in college, when her bio changed from engaged to married.

3. Meet Robyn Hayward & Husband's Two Daughters

And the theme of everything happening quickly in life continued in Robyn's life. The happy couple was blessed with an angel-like daughter a year on after getting married. 

Robyn With Her Family: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon with their beautiful daughters, Charlotte and Bernadette. (Photo: Pinterest)

Their elder daughter, Bernadette Marie was born a year after their marriage on 6 June 2015. What's better than one--Two. And the family of three turned quickly to four after the birth of their second daughter, Charlotte Margaret, on 11 July 2016 leaving Robyn with quite a handful job of not just tending one toddler but two. 

4. Robyn Hayward's Motherhood Is For All To See On Twitter & Instagram

The birth of her children has signaled a change in her lifestyle, from an athlete to a mother. 

She is now a full-time mother and Instagram star (of some sorts!). She manages the Insta handle @Robynmhayward which is predominantly depiction of her personal life with husband and children. The Insta wall boasts of pictures of her husband Gordon Hayward and also of her children. The handle is quite popular among fans and boasts more than 100k followers. 

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Moreover, she is also into Twitter and can be seen sharing photos of her husband and her family in the site. These days she keeps herself busy posting about her family, husband, fitness program and her philanthropic works to her fans.

5. Robyn Will Find The Person Who Fouls Her Husband

If there's anything Robyn loves more than herself in this entire world, it's her family. Her two sweet daughters and her husband mean the world to her. She is always seen supporting her husband from media criticism and other media threats.

In 2018 pre-season game between Celtics, for who Gordan currently plays, and Hornets, the loving wife issued a friendly warning to everyone concerning her husband, who was making a comeback from injury. She posted in her twitter account:

“If anyone fouls my husband, I will find you.”

Not that she meant to threaten anyone, it simply shows her affection and protectiveness that she possesses when it comes to her family.