Rene Nezhoda is a TV star and entrepreneur who found success when he starred in the fourth season of the reality series, ‘Storage Wars.’ He has a great deal of knowledge of the value of second-hand items, having been in the thrift store business almost his entire life. He has even published a price guide on Limited Edition Casino Chips. In Poway, California, he has a large 7000 sq ft Bargain Hunter Thrift Store that is home to an envious stock of collectibles and antiques. He also has an online store to enable buyers purchase products from anywhere in the world.

Rene Nezhoda’s Bio Reveals His Origin & Nationality

Rene Nezhoda was born on April 5, 1977, in Austria to a not-so-very well-known actor father, Gunter Nezhoda. He was raised in Frankfurt, Germany until 1990 after which the Nezhoda family shifted to the USA, and later settled in San Diego. He completed his high school studies from Las Vegas High School.

Although Rena prefers to claim that he hails from the USA, his thick German accent gives him away. And even though he posses American nationality, his actual origin is German.

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His Interest Led Him To Net Worth In Millions

Growing up, Rena always had an interest in buying and selling antiques and collectibles, and that’s what lead him to success. Since 1976, he started buying and selling antiques when he was 11. His mind is an encyclopedia of second-hand prices and has been in the thrift store business almost his entire life. He also published a price guide on Limited Edition Casino Chips.

Along with that, the 41-years of age Rene has a large around 7000 sq ft Bargain Hunter Thrift Store in Poway, California that is home to an envious stock of collectibles and antiques. So, when it comes down to his actual net worth, it is calculated to be around $2 Millions. Today, he is a Poway thrift-store owner which is the biggest score in local comics trading history.

Rene Nezhoda & His Wife Together In Storage Wars

Nezhoda, 40, and his wife Casey, 43, are used to sifting through hoarder houses and storage lockers. The Poway couple is star buyers on the Storage Wars in the A&E network. They also own Bargain Hunters Thrift Store located at 12845 Poway Road in Poway.

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People did not know Rene until he appeared in the reality show, Storage Wars together with his wife, Casey Nezhoda. While in the fourth season they appeared as buyers for six episodes, and from the fifth season, they became regular. They mostly appeared during the last half of each episode when the cast members were attempting to establish the value of items they have found.

Storage Wars Along With Wife: Rene appears in the fourth season of the reality series, ‘Storage Wars’ during Season 4 of the show along with his wife, Casey. (Picture:

Rene and his wife Casey are often bickering about jewelry items that are being auctioned off. The two are active on the show and would battle with other main buyers on Storage Wars to find great money-making deals.

Apart from it, Rene revealed that he has a big deal coming up his sleeve. He recently met Ken from the Golden Auctions which he announced through his Instagram.

This hinted that the couple has bigger things coming their way.

Is Rene Nezhoda And His Wife Still Together?

Rene Nezhoda and his wife Casey Nezhoda have been recognized as a power couple throughout the years. The couple has frequently discussed their faith and Casey has taken to social media more than once to share her beliefs on her husband. Together with his wife, he has multiplied not only his assets value but also their family happiness.

The couple has been together for more than ten years after exchanging the marriage vows back in January of 2006 in a wedding ceremony. Back on 1 January 2017, Rene and Casey celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary through a charity attending an event for Grave's Disease.

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Family Together: Rene celebrates easter along with his wife and daughter. (Picture: Pinterest)

Adding to their married life, they have also been blessed with parenthood. They are proud parents of thier baby daughter. Together, they have a twelve years old daughter. Although rumors of the couple getting divorce started circulating in the media, it turned out not to be true.