Argentinian beauty Luciana Barroso came into limelight after marrying Oscar-winning American superstar in 2005. She is an Argentinian national making a high profile couple with American A-listed Hollywood star husband Matt Damon, who has a net worth of $170 million.

Her wedding took place in a private ceremony in the City Hall in New York with her 7-year-old daughter Alexia on 9th December 2005. Her husband purchased the most expensive apartment in Brooklyn for $23.7million (2019) where her family resides together.

Previously, she was married to fellow Argentinian Arbello Barroso and had a daughter with him but were divorced in 2004.

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Luciana's Chance Encounter With Superstar Damon 

Luciana was working as a bartender at the Crowbar in Miami when Superstar Matt Damon came to the bar with his crew members for the movie Stuck on You in 2003.

The movie was initially scheduled to be in Hawaii but destiny changed the location to Miami where he met his soul mate. Matt, who didn’t want to go to the bar, was kind of dragged by his fellows to the bar where his fate was waiting for him.

Matt noticed Luciana across the crowded room and the rest is history. Since then, the couple is happily together for 15 years.

Husband Credits Luciana For Keeping Family & Children Away From Spotlight

Along with 20-year-old daughter Alexia Barroso from ex-husband, Luciana has three children from Matt Damon, namely Isabella Damon (born June 11, 2006), Gia Zavala, (born August 20, 2008, in Miami, Florida) and Stella Zavala, (born October 20, 2010, in New York).

Both of them share a healthy relationship with Luciana’s ex-husband Arbello Barroso and he credits Matt as the best father his daughter Alexia could ever have.

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Quality Time With Family: Luciana Barroso snapped with husband Matt Damon and their four daughters Alexia, Isabella, Gia, and Stella during a Labor Day outing in New York City in September 2018 (Photo:

Luciana's husband Matt, who is the recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, credits her for keeping him and his family grounded and saving their family life from the tabloids with salacious story.

The beautiful star family previously lived in Miami and New York before moving to Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles in 2012. Currently, they reside in their new apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s An Exclusive Wiki-Like-Bio To Luciana Barroso’s Life

Luciana Bozan Barroso was born on 1976 in Salta, Argentina to a housekeeper mother and an insurance agent father.

Her parents got divorced right after her birth and she was raised by her grandparents who were originally from Italy but migrated to Argentina for leading a better life.

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She has been celebrating her birthday on July 31st and had a passion for arts and literature from a very early age which led her to earn a graduate degree in Arts from a local college.