One of the most notorious figures in crime history Joey Buttafuoco was a tabloid fixture in the 90s with people throwing accusations from every direction following his infamous conviction. But what is he doing today? 

Joey Buttafuoco is mostly known for his antics in the 1990s chiefly because of his affair with a minor named Amy Fisher. A convicted felon, he came to the news after Amy confronted and shot his then-wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco. 

After Dark Days: Joey Buttafuoco talks about his past, especially the infamous case of his ex-wife being shot in the face and his current life on True Crime Daily (Published on 29 September 2015)

After his conviction and subsequent service, Joey, an automobile repair shop owner, also had a brief career in Hollywood and has three movie credits to his name.

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Joey Buttafuoco was charged with illegal possession of ammunition for which he served a sentence for two months in August 2015.

Joey Buttafuoco Had His Family Taken Away From Him Following Criminal Charges

Born on 11 March 1956, Joseph A. Buttafuoco gained infamy through an incident that turned his life upside down in 1992. It was in May 1992 when his then 17-year-old mistress Amy Fisher went to Joey’s house with a loaded .25 caliber semiautomatic pistol to confront his wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco. 

Amy not only confronted Mary but also shot her in the face. His wife Mary was left deafened in one ear, and face partially paralyzed. The investigation of the shooting brought in a series of conflicting claims that received several news coverages in both tabloids and mainstream media.

It was after Amy’s assault conviction that Joey's relationship with Amy came out. Amy accused Joey of provoking her to murder his wife, Mary and even managed to land her a shotgun.  

As one after another revelation about Joey's indiscretions came to the media, he was indicted on 19 counts of statutory rape, endangering the welfare of a child and sodomy. He had pleaded not guilty at first but later admitted that he was involved in a sexual relationship with Amy knowing that she was only 16 of age.

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The 62-year-old was sentenced to six months’ prison time and got released after serving four months of the sentence. Mary Jo filed divorce papers on 3 February 2003 after they moved to California following Joey’s release from prison and he had to part with his family including his son and daughter.

Joey Buttafuoco Is Trying To Carve Normal Life With New Wife, Evanka

Today, Joey has started a new life with his new wife, Evanka who he married in 2005. Joey and his wife met through his business while she was working as a repo woman. She confessed that she initially hesitated while approaching him but stayed with him after hearing his story.

I listened to the story, and I saw the tragedy in it, and I saw the pain and I saw he just didn’t seem to know what direction to go in. (said by-Evanka)

The relationship with his wife wasn’t that smooth as Evanka filed for a divorce in May 2007 when Joey and Amy reunited over dinner and tried to see a reality show on their lives. But she withdrew the petition later in June 2007 and has been together ever since.

Is He Happy Today? : Joey Buttafuoco and his wife, Evanka pose backstage at the FilmOn ‘Celebrity Fight Night’ at Avalon in Hollywood, California (Photo: | 5 November 2011)

The images of his past might still be haunting Joey, but his wife has made sure to teach her husband to live his life ‘through the windshield, not the rearview mirror.’ His son, Paul has changed his last name and cut ties with him while his daughter Jessica tries to keep in touch with him.

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Joey is doing his best to live a normal life today as a freelance hot rod builder carrying the net worth of $20 thousand. He hasn’t yet talked about starting a family with his wife, but if he does intend to, he should be willing to give every ounce of his strength to giving them normal lives, that his children with Mary didn't experience.