The talented wedding dress designer from Say Yes to Dress, Hayley Paige Gutman, has been making headlines after her previous employer JLM couture accused her of breaching their contract.

The legal battle started on December 15, 2020, when the company sued the designer over her use of the Instagram handle @misshayleypaige, which they claimed to be their property.

The Timeline of Conflict Between Gutman and JLM Couture

In July 2011, the TLC star signed an employment contract with JLM couture as a designer, which marked the beginning of her journey as a household Bridal designer. 

A year after their contract in 2012, the Instagram account @misshayleypaige was launched, followed by Pinterest with the same account handle name, in 2014. 

By November 2019, the official Instagram page of the designer already had 1.1 M followers following the fame of her show Say Yes to The Dress and its spin-off Say Yes To America.

According to JLM CEO Joe Murphy, the designer appeared on the show on the basis of his personal connection with Kleinfeld Bridal, one of JLM’s biggest customers.

However, according to the complaint filed against Gutman by JLM, trouble started when the designer changed her Instagram bio into a “Personal & Creative account" and removed all references to the company.

The company claimed that they had the sole copyright to her name Hayley Paige and it was disclosed in the first employment contract signed by the designer. According to a report by Insider, the complaint addressed that by her choice, the designer had granted the company with

 The exclusive world-wide right and license to use her name ‘Hayley’, ‘Paige’, ‘Hayley Paige Gutman’, ‘Hayley Gutman’, ‘Hayley Paige’, or any derivative thereof[...] in connection the design, manufacture, marketing and/or bridal clothing, bridal accessories, and related bridal and wedding items.

According to JLM, the situation turned into a legal battle when the designer did not oblige with the terms and conditions set by the company regarding her Instagram account. 


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By June 2020, the designer had ignored all warnings and started posting personal content along with sponsored posts of products not related to JLM. 

Following all the failed attempts to get the message across to Gutman, the company sued her on December 15, 2020. A spokesperson from the company told Page six that legal action was taken after the designer stopped posting content related to JLM and deprived the company of access to her account. 

The court, however, made a decision in favor of JLM after carefully listening to both sides and granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to the designer.

Gutman’s resignation video

After all the legal chaos, the designer on December 21, 2020, released a video on her other Instagram account, going with the handle @allthatglittersonthegram, which is not associated with JLM. 

In the video, the designer made their legal dispute public and got emotional when discussing the whole situation she was in. The video went viral with over 2.4 million views.


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In the video, Gutman announced her resignation as a designer from JLM. She informed her fans that this decision came after a year and a half long legal battle to negotiate a new contract for her, which resulted in the TRO.

The designer revealed that when signing a contract with JLM, she was only 25 years old, and in the excitement to work for such a prestigious fashion company, she hadn’t hired an attorney to go through their contract which led to this chaotic legal battle.


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In contrast to her previous Instagram account, the designer has been using her new Instagram to post more personal content. The designer has been keen on posting beautiful pictures of herself, her fiancé, and their adorable dog, Winnie.

Judging by the looks of her Instagram @allthatglittersonthegram, the designer seems to be having the time of her life with her fiancé and has found the love of her life.

The Suprise Proposal 

After her first marriage failed, the TLC star got engaged to her current fiancé; fitness trainer, and model, Conrad Louis. Their engagement was a well-planned surprise by her fiancé, about which they have talked in length on their podcast All that Glitters.

Additionally, there is also a video of Louis on the designer’s YouTube Channel, where he vlogs and walks fans through his plans for the day.

In the 28th episode of their podcast, the couple came forth to reveal all the preparations Louis had to do on his part to ensure that their engagement was as beautiful as he pictured it to be.

On December 15, 2020, Gutman posted a video of her and her husband-to-be, during the making of one of their podcast, where the couple revealed the trouble Louis had to go through to make the surprise proposal possible.

In the video, the TLC star’s fiancé mentioned that he had been planning their July engagement since late January 2019. The ring that he proposed to her with was designed and made by a joint collaboration with Hearts on fire, which was the jewelry company Gutman was a part of.

Because Gutman’s fiancé wanted her parents to be present on the big day. He recalled making a plan to go on a vacation with Gutman’s family and sneakily asking them to help him keep it a surprise for Gutman and to make it the best day for her.


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So, the couple went up to Lake Tahoe along with Gutman’s family for the 4th of July celebrations.

Louis had planned to ask Gutman’s parents permission on the whole wedding idea during their family vacation but was struggling to find her father alone. Finally, two days into the vacation, Louis had to pull Gutman’s father away from his Gym workout to pose the question to marry his daughter and asked them to be a part of the engagement.

Even before, the 4th of July vacation, the designer revealed that around late May, her fiancé came home and asked her to choose a place where just the two of them could vacation, the choices were Hampton or St. John. 


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The TLC star, in the podcast, revealed that she chose St. John. The designer mentioned that her choice was influenced because of the fact that it was the first destination the couple had traveled to before officially dating.

Reminiscing, Gutman said she remembered telling her mom that he was going on a vacation with friends.

In the YouTube video, Louis mentions that the whole event was a surprise for his beautiful designer wife-to-be. At the starting of the video, the couple is spotted in St.John, Virginia in their friend’s lavish house.

All through the video, Gutman’s husband-to-be is vlogging and letting us know how Gutman is totally unaware of the fact that he was going to propose to her that day.

In the video, we can see the picture-perfect proposal and engagement party, all of Louis’s plans come to life.

Her Marriage

Before Louis, the chic wedding designer was in a nuptial relationship with an insurance broker, Daniel Wallis. Her wedding had been a fairytale wedding. The designer donned five spectacular originally designed dresses throughout her wedding weekend.

After being romantically involved with each other for three months, the couple got married on July 11, 2015, at Lake Tahoe at the Saint Francis Church of Assisi. 

However, their beautiful fairytale saw its end soon after. On July 11, 2018, the designer made her divorce announcement with her husband Wallis, via an Instagram post, which has since been removed. 

The reason behind this decision is not yet disclosed, but Gutman surely didn’t miss out to address that although her marriage was ending, she was still a huge advocate for love, marriage, and real-life fairytales.


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Her Networth

As listed by Glassdoor, the basic annual salary offered to a designer at David’s Bridal Designer is somewhere between  $109,014 and $136918. This means that given her 10 years at the company, the designer must have a net income of over 1 Million. 

Apart from her designer job, the designer adds to her net worth from her show on TLC as well.