Flip Rodriguez is an American Ninja Warrior for seven seasons in a row, who specializes as a free runner. He joined team Miami Freerunning and became an instructor at their academy.

He first appeared in American Ninja Warrior 3 and was qualified as 5th for SASUKE 27. He worked on the Transformers movie as the stunt double for Santiago Cabrera. He has also performed stunts for the film Step Up: Revolution. Including all of his working, he now gives motivational speeches encouraging kids to talk about their abusive situations.

Flip Rodriguez Bio: Age, Net Worth

Flip Rodriguez was born on May 4, 1989, in the United States. His hometown is Miami, Florida. His height is 1.8meters, his weight is 72 kgs, and he holds White Caucasian ethnicity.

Growing up, Flips was not close to his father, but his mother was like his best friend as he got the love and support from her.

Although much information regarding his family and education is still a mystery, his career has been an open book.

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Flip worked as a stunt double on many projects, including Smartass, Mr. Mercedes, Baywatch, Transformers: The Last Knight, Star Trek Beyond, and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Moreover, he was a member of the Miami Freerunning team– he also became an instructor at their academy.

Flip has worked as a free-runner for more than seven years straight. As Freerunner employees earn an average of $83,026, ranging from $67,973 to $95,260, with top earners making $110,884. We assume he gets around $98,540. So, to break down his total net worth, it might be around a hundred thousand dollars.

Who Is The Girlfriend Of Flip Rodriguez?

Many women cannot resist Flip, and that is the main reason he has more female fans than male fans. But, when it comes to the women that he can’t resist, it’s one and only Jamie Ross. She is  22 years of age and a Medical Sonography Student.

In September of 2018, he posted a picture on Instagram of himself holding Jamie mentioning her as his girlfriend, and since then, their relationship has gone strong with every month. Fans went crazy after the picture he posted as he mentioned someone as his girlfriend for the first time. 

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Quality Time With Girlfriend: Flip share a picture of him and his girlfriend, Jamie having a quality time after a long time on Instagram (Picture: Flip's Instagram)

However, back in 2015, Flip was hanging out with the actress named Angeline Fiorella. His fans quickly suspected her to be his girlfriend but she started dating actor Noah Centineo, and the rumors about them being a couple turned down.

After being rumored with Angeline, Flip was not linked up with any other women. 

Flip Rodriguez Hid His Pain Behind His Iconic Mask For Too Long

Back in 2014, when Flip was in the early days of his career on American Ninja Warrior, he never showed his real face on the show wearing a mask. People were more drawn towards him because of his iconic style, considering it as his taste of fashion but no one ever imagined he was hiding his pain behind the mask.

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The Mask: Flip posing for Instagram wearing is Iconic mask back in 2014. (Picture: Flip's Instagram)

Later on, at the end of season 8 of American Ninja Warrior, the 29 years of age Flip revealed that he was sexually abused for many years. In an interview with TooFab, he mentioned that the mask he wore would hide his emotions while he was running the obstacle course. Further adding to that he shared, growing up as a kid, from the age of 9 to 15, he was sexually abused by his father, and he used to wear the mask because of his insecurities.

But later on, after discussing his past and the reason behind wearing the mask, Flip took off his mask for good as a symbol of embracing who he had become.