Felicia Pearson was in a hurry to come out of her mother’s womb resulting in three months premature birth only to end up having to live a troublesome life afterward. From spending her childhood in a foster home to, growing up with criminal records, her life has had a void of meaningful love.

And when she thought she found the love to guide her through, she let it go.

The American native is a TV actress known for her cold-blooded portrayal of murderer ‘Snoop’ in the 2002 HBO series, The Wire. She has also worked in Guns and Grams and They Die by Dawn. Her praiseworthy acting paved her way to reality gig in Love & Hip Hop.

God Mother Comes To Rescue: Felicia Pearson 'Snoop' seeks advice from her godmother on her relationship with J. Adrienne and the death of her foster mom (Published: 16 Dec 2016)

In addition to movies and TV shows, the actress is an author as well. She published an autobiography enclosing her treacherous childhood in 2007 titled, Grace After Midnight.

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Felicia Pearson Murdered At Age Of 14

The reality star was born three months earlier than the expected delivery date on 18 May 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was born cross-eyed and was tiny weighing less than two pounds that she wasn't expected to survive. But she miraculously did.

Pearson didn’t have anything near to good circumstances while growing up. Her drug addict parents abandoned her. She grew up in a foster home was got adopted by her foster family.

It must be the inconsistent upbringing that couldn’t help but direct her towards notorious adulting. She was a 14-year-old teen when she got into a fight with another 15-year-old kid. She was quick to pull out a gun and shoot her enemy to death, for which she was charged with second-degree murder and had to serve in prison for six years.

She was supposed to sober up but even by the age of 31, she continued expanding her criminal records. In 2011, she was sentenced to three years of probation on account of charges put on her for heroin smuggling.

Years passed by and now she wishes to get recognized for her career accomplishments and not her legal charges. What are the chances of her wish coming true!

Know How Crazy Openly Gay Felicia Pearson’s Girlfriend Was!

Felicia discovered that she prefers women over men as early as a 12-year-old and was getting called various names. However, her uncle felt that she needed a partner and set her up with his lesbian friend--all this when Felicia was just 12 years of age. 

She fondly reminisced about the intimate moments she had with his uncles' friend in an interview with Vlad TV in 2016.

She must have dated girlfriends over the years but the only known name in the list is a fellow reality star, J Adrienne.

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The lesbian pair got close on the set of the 7th season of Love & Hip Hop. Adrienne was so consumed by Pearson that she didn’t think twice before leaving behind her son in Chicago to chase her lady love in New York. Apparently, she was crazy in love.

Girlfriend: Felicia Person dated girlfriend J Adrienne while starring on Love & Hip Hop (Photo: Youtube.com)

But, Pearson didn’t think of herself as a worthy of the love and decided to end terms with Adrienne during 2017.

The broken-hearted former girlfriend made her way back to her son and to mend her married life with the husband while Pearson has not been reported to be in any relationship till date.

What Is Felicia Pearson’ Net Worth?

The reality actress is trying her best to move on leaving the past in the past. Her surreal role of “Snoop” in The Wire exhibits her potential to build a place for herself in the entertainment.

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Seemingly, she is in her sober years and focused on career. She needs to try harder so that she can level up her $30 thousand net worth by the time her hair grows white.