John Henton is a famous comedian who is loved by millions for his excellent comic timing.

But did you know that he has his own horror story to tell? Henton suffered a brutal car accident back in September 2000 that almost took his life.

A Near-Death Car Crash Was A "Wake-Up Call"

Henton, who played Milsap Morris on The Hughleys, was in a car accident that knocked down his left eye socket, broke nine of his teeth, ripped off his stomach, and even shattered both his legs.

The incident took place on September 15, 2000, while he was returning home from celebrating the series' Halloween segment in Los Angeles. Henton hit another car, knocked on a chain-link fence, and smashed against a concrete wall. Although the car crash didn't take his life, it left the comedian scarred for life, and he considered it a wake-up call.

Henton, who was drunk and was driving at least at the speed of 100 mph at the time of the accident, has very little memory of the nightmare. The last visual he remembers was the party. It was his first summer, and he drank more than he should have.

Not only that, Henton even refused to take help from a Limo driver who offered him a ride back home and got into his Acura NSX.

A mini-coma is very restful, I can't recommend it because you have to go through some stuff to end up in one. But I feel very refreshed.

John Henton's Facial Reconstruction

The one good thing that Henton did was to put on his seat belt, which probably saved his life. After the accident, the comedian's face was so damaged due to a shattered left eye socket and broken down teeth that his plastic surgeon had to search for his photos from before the accident to reform his face to the way it was.

Hendy's former publicist Wendy Zocks had to rush back to his home to get his pictures for the surgeons to rebuild his disfigured features.

John Henton
John Henton(Then And Now) Source:

Thankfully, the surgery was a success, and the doctors were able to reconstruct his face.

It's a blessing that they got me together.

So, for the fans questioning, "What happened to John Henton's eye?" now you know.

Henton had to compensate for his terrible mistake of driving under the influence by attending the "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" class and performing 30 days of community service in California.

A True Warrior Never Gives Up

Luckily, the actor went on to recover very well. Merely six weeks later, he was ready to face the cameras on the set of The Hughleys. The camera angles were placed in such a way that they could hide the casting on his legs. This shows how determined and dedicated Henton was to his craft.

A year after the accident, even though he had yet to recover completely from the unfortunate crash, he had this to say: "There's no time for a pity party. I have too much stuff to do." 

After the accident, he went back to work and has lent his talents to several series such as One On One, The Parkers, Hannah Montana, and Love That Girl.