Jackson O'Doherty and his girlfriend Maddy Belle recently expanded their content portfolio into a new niche: OnlyFans, and the couple is making some serious cash thanks to their new venture. 

For those unaware, OnlyFans is an online platform where creators can put up exclusive content that subscribers can view via a monthly membership. So the monetization happens in real-time, plus the creators can upload practically anything they want—no censorship issues.

In the absence of censorship, many creators on the platform use it to promote sensual content that they would not or could not publish elsewhere, much like how O'Doherty and his girlfriend Belle did. 

Jackson O'Doherty on OnlyFans

During an appearance on Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast, the man crowned the prank god admitted that he got on to OnlyFans initially just for the hell of it.

When he began dating Belle, O'Doherty knew that she had an OnlyFans page, so they decided to make a few dark humor videos and maybe some pranks with a little bit of nudity. 

"It wasn't going to be anything to do with triple X content or anything," he explained.

The couple was an instant hit. With their content-making background and their existing fanbases, they garnered some fifty thousand subscribers, each paying about ten dollars a month.

Jackson O'Doherty Made a Few Million Dollars from OnlyFans

Although initially, he was not fond of the idea of making adult videos, he admitted that he had always been inclined towards edgy content. After gaining some traction on OnlyFans, the YouTuber was berated with the demand for more expletive content. 

Meanwhile, O'Doherty thought to himself that if he could make bags and bags of money over some videos, then he was willing to let go of his morals. 

O'Doherty claimed he had nothing to lose from the videos that he posted on OnlyFans with his girlfriend. According to him, the upsides included people not making fun of him over the size of his genitals, immunity against people threatening to release sensitive content, and the cherry on the top was that he made "a few million dollars" fairly easily. 

As soon as O'Doherty was done listing the pros of being on OnlyFans with his girlfriend, the podcast host noted that he was a businessman through and through.

What If His Kids See It?

The next question on the table was about the future, and O'Doherty was forced to entertain the possibility of things working out. In such a scenario, their kids would have to see their parents' "content" online.

However, O'Doherty had anticipated that question, and he claimed that he never wanted to have children. It wasn't so much that he didn't like children, but he never considered having his own. He elaborated that even if he decided to have kids of his own, it would be after he'd left the lifestyle he had now. 

He also revealed that his girlfriend wanted to have kids sometime in the future. But even if she has a child of her own, O'Doherty claimed he'd only say hey to them, albeit "in a nice way."

Jackson O'Doherty Turning His Home into a Playboy Mansion

While making millions off of OnlyFans, the YouTuber has plans to expand into newer territory as well. Admittedly, he had been on a hiatus from his wild lifestyle for a while, but not anymore. 

Apparently, O'Doherty has plans to turn his $2.9 million Gold Coast estate into "Playboy Mansion 2.0." He told The Gold Coast Bulletin (via Dailymail),

I don't want it be a typical young frat house where it's a bit trashy and just girls and getting drunk … I want it to be where people can feel comfortable and happy to come here, party and have a good time and know that people aren't going to be creepy or weird.

O'Doherty already has a few events lined up to get the party started: a professional wrestling match and a jousting contest in which contenders are dressed as knights.