Along with having a busy personal life with her girlfriend, Erin Foley has also been pretty occupied professionally.

The comedian, who started her career in the entertainment industry in 1997, keeps herself busy this year as a writer on the TV sitcom One Day At A Time (2020). Besides that, Foley also hosts a podcast named Sports Without Balls.

Erin Foley was Born to be an Entertainer

The New York native has been active in the show business for a very long time. Her first recorded job in the entertainment industry dates back to 1997 when she appeared on the TV series Premium Blend as herself.

Since then, she has gathered 32 credits in the ‘Self’ category of her IMDB page through appearances in various shows such as Conan (2012 and 2013), The Rubin Report (2013), The Evening Hour With Sean Conroy (2013), World’s Dumbest (2009), The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (2014), and Last Call With Carson Daily (2013).

In the acting department, she has 15 credits in projects like Almost Famous (2000), Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2017), Little Horribles (2013), We Have to Stop Now (2010), Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator (2009), and The Inn Keeper (2010). She both acted and wrote in The Inn Keeper.

Her other writing credits include Mixologist and a Movie (2015), Comedy Central Presents (2009), Richmond’s House of Comedy: A RHOCumentary (2008), and One Day At A Time (2020), all of which are testaments to how talented Foley is.

Erin Foley is A Natural Podcaster

Other than acting and writing, Erin Foley also hosts her own podcast, Sports Without Balls, that runs from the All Things Comedy podcast studio in Burbank, California. Foley is obsessed with women’s sports, and she brings in female athletes, coaches, reporters, and similar people to the podcast.

The podcast features stories from sports on and off the field to inspire us to take our lives up a notch. Its first episode dates back to December 19, 2013.

All Things Comedy’s site says that she has only done one podcast in 2020. However, her podcast section on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud says that she has done two in 2020 to date.

Besides her own podcast, Foley has also appeared on Ask Me Another, a show with trivia, comedy, and celebrity guests recorded in front of a live audience at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York. She appeared during the episodes named Play By Play and The Doors.

Furthermore, Foley has appeared on the I love my wife podcast, which Kelli Carpenter and Anne Steele hosted—the latter is Foley good friend from a long time ago.

Erin Foley’s Work in ‘One Day At A Time’

Erin Foley started working on Pop TV’s One Day At A Time in 2020 when she first joined the show as a staff writer.

As a staff writer, she contributed to five episodes as a writer before writing a whole episode titled ‘Supermoon’ on her own.