Matthew Gray Gubler, who portrayed Dr. Spencer Reid on the hit TV show Criminal Minds, got riled up in rumors of being gay.

The Suburban Gothic actor, however, dispelled all gay rumors with a statement on a tweet back in 2011 and also through his dating relationships with women.

Gubler's Relationship History

The 40-year-old actor admits to being on “spectacular” dates. "I'm a great dater! I don't go on a ton of dates, but when I do, I try to make dates really spectacular." - He told Glamour magazine. 

That being said, his dating list comprises celebrities — he had dated Kat Dennings, a famous American actress, back in 2007 before splitting within a few months. Despite the break-up, they remain good friends.

Similarly, the Las Vegas native was also in a long-term relationship with model Charlotte Kemp Muhl around 2004. After that, he dated Cobra Starship keytarist Victoria Asher around 2008, Portuguese actress Marisa Morris around 2009, and American model Ali Michael around 2010.

Interestingly, the Criminal Minds actor was also linked with American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift for a few months in 2013.

As of now, he seems single, as he has shared nothing about his personal life. But all of his fans are eagerly waiting when and with whom the handsome hunk will settle down and start his family.

He Is Definitely Not Gay

With a long list of his girlfriends [mentioned just above], it is definitely clear that Gubler is not gay.

But if that's not enough, take the statement from the horse himself. In a tweet dated January 14, 2011, he clarified his sexuality, saying he was only romantically interested in women. 

Is Matthew Gray Gubler Married?

Although Matthew Gray Gubler had many girlfriends and was linked with many women over the years, the news about his marriage has rarely come to light. Well, that might be because he has married no one until now. 

He Is the Son of a Political Consultant

Matthew was born in 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He celebrates his birthday every 9th March. 

His father, John Gubler, is an attorney, while his mother, Marilyn, is a rancher and political consultant. He is the grandson of Laura and Maxwell Kelch, the founders of Las Vegas’s first radio station, Keno.

The actor has a brother who appeared in his directed music video, Reagan by Whirlwind Heat. He also has a sister named Laura Dahl, who is a New York-based fashion designer.