English actor Duane Henry never spoke a word on his romantic life, which was a likely source of speculations suggesting that he was gay. But what if the actor is actually enjoying secret married life with a wife? 

Duane Henry is an English actor who is most prominent for his appearance on NCIS, Doctors, Doctor Who, and W.E. 

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It was in 2011 when Duane portrayed a security guard in Madonna's historical romance drama, W.E.

Duane Henry's Bio Reveals Time in NCIS Brought Immense Net Worth

Born on 18 March 1985, Duane Henry was raised in a working class home in Handsworth, West Midlands as his mother was a 16-year-old single parent. According to his bio, Duane attended St. Francis Catholic Primary School in Birmingham, and St. John Wall School in Handsworth.

He eventually started studying drama at Dudley College and moved to London at the age of 17 in an attempt to birth a career in the entertainment industry. It was long before Duane landed his first acting role in November 2003 on The Afternoon Play, alongside Samantha Janus.

And in 2005, Duane, age 33, got to play five roles on the British medical soap opera, Doctors that lasted till 2013. The actor soon moved from London to Los Angeles, spending a year to perfect his American accent with the will to expand his range in the acting career.

He finally got the fruit of his hard work as he joined the NCIS cast in May 2016 as MI6 agent Clayton Reeves for episode 23 and 24 in season 13. After having the option to return for the show, it was confirmed that Duane’s character would be featured as a regular on NCIS that added to his net worth.

He starred as a regular from the show’s 14th season that aired on 20 September 2016 and the actor left NCIS in episode 22 of the 15th season where his character got killed off on 8 May 2018.

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Is Duane Henry Married To Wife In Secret? 

Duane isn’t a fan of talking too much on his dating life which isn’t quite helpful while digging in for details on his romantic affairs. The only time that he mentioned his ‘girlfriend’ was in a tweet that he had posted talking about how his time on NCIS had helped him go through some great ‘losses.’

Stop To Incoming Spouse: Duane Henry talks about his losses that included his long-term girlfriend on Twitter (Photo: Duane Henry’s Twitter | 9 May 2018)

In the tweet, he talked about how his long-term girlfriend had passed away and that his time in NCIS had helped him to cope with the loss.

He even mentioned about losing his mentor and ex-footballer, Cyrille Regis. That’s really sad; he lost two of the most important people in his life, and he was still ready to suit up and get in the character of Clayton Reeves in NCIS.

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Coming back to the topic of his late girlfriend, the way he mentioned his her with the tag of ‘long-term’ hinted that he could have turned her into his wife sooner or later. But fate wasn’t quite on his side as he lost his possible spouse to God.

And as of now, there’s no doubt that Duane is grieving the loss of his girlfriend who could have been his wife had she lived longer; which means that he might not be up for a new start with a new spouse.

Adding to that, he has also been thrown into speculations of him being gay due to the lack of him mentioning his romantic affairs.  Well, the actor hasn’t exactly addressed those rumors, so people are only going to be more suspicious.

Anyway, it doesn't seem like Duane will be jumping into finding a new love and settle down as a married man any soon.