Previously we looked at the five oldest goalscorers in each of the top five European leagues, i.e. La Liga, Premier League, German Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. In this fifth and final installment of the series, we take a look at Italian Serie A players that hold the same record snce the turn of the century.

Nestor Sensini

Nestor Sensini is the youngest player on this list. The Argentinean center-back began his career in his home country with Newell’s Old Boys before moving to Italy. 

He began his football journey in Europe with Udinese Calcio. After a few years there, he went on to play for two other teams in the Italian top-flight; AC Parma and Lazio. However, he decided to return to Udinese for the final years of his career and achieved this record there during the 2005/06 season.

Sensini scored this record-making goal on the 8th of January 2006 during a match against Cagliari Calcio in Serie A. His 23rd minute goal managed to give his team a brief lead but Cagliari scored two goals in return; one in the 38th minute and another in the 86th minute to hand Udinese a loss.

Sensini was was 39 years, 2 months, and 27 days old when he scored this goal- a feat that also made him the oldest goalscorer for Udinese Calcio. Sensini's goal for Uinese was also to be his career's last before he made his move as the Udinese's manager

Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini is the first of two AC Milan legends to make this list, one of whom we will discuss later.

Maldini is an AC Milan legend through and through. He was an AC Milan youth product and considered as one of the best defenders in the history of world football. He got promoted to the Milan first-team on the 1st of July 1985 and has since only played for Milan his entire career. 

During his time at the club, the left-back made 901 appearances, scoring 33 goals and assisting a further 43. He scored his final and this record-making goal in his penultimate season in the top-flight.

On the 30th of March 2008, Maldini’s AC Milan played Atlanta BC on Matchday 31 of the 2007/08 Serie A season. Atlanta took a two-goal lead before the half-time and looked set to win when Maldini’s goal on the 85th minute brought new life into the dying match. The end minutes drama then saw Milan get another golden chance to level with a 89th minute penalty from Pirlo. But Ferdinando Coppola's save eventually won the game for Atlanta. 

Maldini’s goal in this game was the last of his career as he went goalless during the 2008/09 season and retired at the end of it.

Nevertheless, this goal which he scored at the age of 39 years, nine months, and four days, made him the fourth-oldest player to score in Serie A and the second-oldest for AC Milan

Sergio Pellissier

Sergio Pellissier is the most recent entry on this list as he became the third-oldest player to hold this record only in January 2019. A Chievo Verona legend, he scored 139 goals in 515 games for them and contributed 30 assists as well.

Pellissier's stats started dwindling towards the end of his career, however. His four goals during the 2018/19 season could not save his team from relegation to the second tier of the Italian football league. There was at least one consolation for Pellissier however, as the last goal he ever scored for the club made him the third-oldest goalscorer in Serie A since 2000.

Pellissier scored the record-setting goal in a match between Chievo Verona and ACF Fiorentina on the 27th of January 2019.

In the seven-goal thriller, Pellissier scored the fourth goal of the game to tie the score in the 60th minute. However, Fiorentina’s Federico Chiesa’s late brace in the 79th and 86th minute made the score 4-2. Verona edged closer on the 89th-minute, making it 3-4. Pellissier got another chance to level with a 89th minute penalty but could not find the net. Verona ended up losing the game 3-4.

Nevertheless, his 60th-minute strike also made him the oldest goalscorer in Chievo Verona’s history. He was 39 years, nine months, and 15 days old when he played that game. 

Francesco Totti

Like Maldini, Francesco Totti is also a one-club legend. He was first promoted to the AS Roma first-team in January 1993 and has never left the club since. Totti has made 785 appearances for Roma in all competition and contributed to 307 goals and 179 assists in those appearances. The record making goal that Totti scored was in his final season with the club.

The matchday 6 of 2016/17 season saw Totti's AS Roma going against Torino FC. Totti came on as the substitute in the 46th minute and scored a penalty to deliver Roma's only goal for the match which they lost with a score of 3-1. 

That goal on the 25th of September 2016 made Totti the second-oldest player to score in Serie A after the turn of the century.

Totti did score in a later match against Cesena FC but that was in the 2017 Coppa Italia. Though that goal certainly made him the oldest goalscorer for AS Roma, it was his 2016 goal against Torino that puts him on this list. 

He was 39 years, 11 months, and 29 days at the time. 

Allesandro Costacurta

He is the second AC Milan player on this list. Costacurta and Paolo Maldini played together for a number of years before he eventually retired in 2007.

Costacurta played 663 matches for AC Milan. However, the center-back scored just three goals in his entire career with the club; one in the 1989/90 season, another in the 1991/92 season, and the last one in his final season; the 2006/07 season.

The record-setting goal came on the 19th of May 2007 in a 2-3 loss against Udinese Calcio. Costacurta was 41 years and 25 days old when he scored the penalty against Udinese. This match in which he scored his third and final goal would coincidentally also be his final game of the season- a season in which he played only 11 games of.  

With this goal, Costacurta became the oldest player to score in Serie A in the 21st century, and also the oldest player to score for AC Milan.