NBA TV analyst, Doris Burke honed her career sharp resulting in a subsequent split with her husband but never failed as the successful woman she carved herself into. 

Doris Burke is often known as the analyst for NBA on ESPN and ABC games who was the first female commentator to call a New York Knicks game on radio and television.


Height Of Sports Taking Over: Doris Burke gushing about feeling lucky to be witnessing Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James play on ESPN (Published on 25 May 2018)

Doris has earned several awards for her commentating careers like USA Today Rudy Award, Silver Anniversary Award, and Curt Gowdy Media Award among many others.

Doris Burke’s Bio: Age, Height & Early Days

Born on 24 November 1965, Doris Burke was raised in Manasquan, New Jersey alongside her seven siblings. She started playing basketball from a young age looking up to her idols, Kyle Macy, Kelly Tripucka and Tom Heinsohn.

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The 52-year-old sports lover played as a point guard at Manasquan High School and was recruited by many eastern colleges. Doris spent her summers on the New Jersey shore during her college years.

Doris was a member of the Providence Friars women’s basketball team as a point guard when she attended Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island.

She was the college’s Co-Female Athlete of the Year in 1987 as a senior.

Standing tall with the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters), Doris, in 1999, initiated into the Providence College Hall of Fame being the fifth woman so honored.

Doris graduated from Providence College with a bachelor’s degree in health service administration work and earned a master’s in Education.

Doris Burke’s Broadcasting Career

Doris began her broadcasting career as an analyst for women’s games for her college on the radio in 1990. She worked in the same role on Big East Women’s games on television the same year and started working for Big East men’s games in 1996.

Working for ESPN since 1991, Doris has been a part of ESPN’s coverage of the WNBA. For several years, she was the primary radio and television voice of the New York Liberty.

In 2003, Doris began working the sidelines for ESPN and ABC for their coverage of the NBA alongside Dick Vitale.

Doris became the first woman to be a commentator for a New York Knicks game on radio and television in 2000. And since 2009, she has served as a sideline reporter for ABC Sports and NBA Finals.

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Doris' Net Worth in 2018

As an ESPN reporter, Doris earns a decent salary of $85,000 on an annual basis, which is a lot higher than the national average for all reporters.

Her net worth is not revealed yet, but since she garners massive wealth, it may as well be calculated in millions or more.

Doris Burke & Drake: Huge Fan Of Doris

Being a woman, who’s accomplished great achievements, Doris has gathered a lot of fans and admirers. Canadian rapper, Drake Graham is one of those big people who speak highly of Doris.

Loyal Fan: Drake kisses Doris on the cheek and a hug during the Raptors game on 5 April 2018 (Video: house highlights' Instagram)

The story started in 2016 when Drake pointed at Doris and made a heart sign at a Toronto Raptors game. That wasn’t the end though, as the rapper showed up at the press conference for Toronto’s ‘Drake Night’ sporting a black hoodie with Doris’ face and the words, Woman Crush Every Day.

When ESPN asked Drake about the shirt, he simply said that he was a big fan of Doris and he wanted to invite her to dinner as long as she came alone.

Unfortunately, the dinner didn’t happen, but the two finally met each other at a Raptors game in April 2018. Drake kissed Doris on the cheek and a hug.

Doris Burke’s Husband, Gregg Burke: Splits After Having Kids

After leaving the coaching staff with two years of analyzing and learning the game from the sidelines, Doris married Deputy Director of Athletics, Gregg Burke in 1989.

The pair had kids, a son named Matthew and a daughter named Sarah.

Gregg and Doris previously shared a great bond as Gregg always showed how proud he was of his then-wife and her dedication for her work. But, the two eventually divorced.

While none of them have revealed any specific reason for the split, they have confessed on making their children top priority.

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According to sources, it can be deduced that Doris is with her daughter and Gregg has the son. Both of the children are already in their 20s as of now.

Doris is especially close with her daughter, Sarah Burke. Her daughter goes to law school as she has mentioned in interviews and lives in her own apartment.

Even after separating from her husband, Doris remains the same proud analyst who has impressed many people with her work and confidence.