Its one's passion and will to work that pushes them to achieve everything no matter what. Similarly, Alanna Rizzo, who couldn't pursue a career in sports as an athlete, still has kept her sports dream alive by developing herself as a sports journalist.

The American native had undoubtedly tough ladders to climb before even fueling her journey. She got exposures from MLB network where she reported for the show Quick Pitch and Intentional Talk. She got more prominence from her Emmy Award for the sports reporter. She now works as a trademark reporter for The Dodgers which she was awarded for her impressive stint at MLB.

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She is very active in Twitter and has 91.8K followers. 

​​​​​​Alanna Knew What She Wanted To Become From Young Age

Born to parents, Maria Medina, and mysterious father on 8 August 1974, Alino Rizzo, grew up in her home state Colorado. She belongs to North American ethnicity.

Growing up, the 5 times Emmy award winner, was an athlete in her school ages. After she was inducted into the athletic hall of fame for her performances in track and cross country at Sierra High School in 1993, it was quite clear about her love for the sport.

Rizzo,  aged 44, attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she earned a bachelors degree in international business.

She Chased Her Dreams & Stepped Up Her Career

She worked in sales and marketing job until age 28, which was unfulfilling and she decided to step up.

Later, in 2003, she preserved her athlete fire continuing her studies to finally receive an M.A degree in broadcast journalism because she wanted to become a sports journalist.

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Early in her journalism career, she started working as a sports anchor for CBS stations in Wichita Falls. A sluggish start but infinite passions finally rang the doorbell of her career's biggest achievement to getting a year deal at MLB network.

Work Bound: Broadcaster Alanna discussing the Dodger's in-game action in 2018 (Photo Source: Dodgers Nation)

After a successful stint at MLB, Rizzo, bagged 5 Emmy Award and currently enjoys her career working for the Dodgers. 

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Along with all the successes, Alanna, without a doubt, get paid with a hand full amount of salary. However, information about her salary is not disclosed till date.

Is Alenna Rizzo Married?

Her relationship status does not need to be dug too deep as she is a married woman. She publicly married her husband, Justin Kole, the hotel executive, in 2006.

It has been more than a decade now, but the couple hasn't shared a child together. No worries! The couple is blessed with a healthy relationship and a successful career.