Samsung smartphone lineup currently consists of two flagship devices: Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. While both these devices are extraordinary and have a lot in common, the main differentiating factor is the S-pen, Samsung's proprietary stylus. 

The Galaxy Note series is the only flagship line that still features a stylus for added productivity, and for good reason. Even though current touchscreen technologies in smartphones have become intuitive, there are still a lot of hardcore fans who'd love to have a phone with a stylus. So much so, that they are willing to purchase a $1,200+ Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, just for the experience.


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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra should not be the only mobile device from Samsung that should come with an S-pen, however. I believe that they should have done the same with the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The latest Galaxy foldable is both a smartphone and a tablet which means that it is the ideal playground for a refined stylus. 

I was actually a little bummed at the fact that Samsung did not include the S-pen with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. I mean think about it, the device has a tablet-sized AMOLED display, that too a high refresh one. Including the S-pen has the potential to make the Galaxy Z Fold 2 the ultimate mobile productivity machine. The low latency input from the Samsung stylus paired with the incredibly responsive display in the Galaxy fold would have been the perfect duo. 

After all, if Samsung achieves its goal of making the Galaxy Fold appealing to the masses, the Note series will instantly be no more than a Galaxy S series smartphone with a stylus. The flexible phone would then definitely take the mantle of Samsung's ultimate productivity phone. 


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In the words of David Imel form Android Authority, "the foldable phone/tablet hybrid made me way more productive than the presence of a stylus ever could." 

Imel's statement would suggest that, since foldable phones are getting more productive, the day the Fold is more sought after than the Note is not too far off in the future. 

We still don't have an official price on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but I doubt it will be anywhere near cheap. For such a premium device, shouldn't the consumers also have the right to ask for an included stylus? The stylus would certainly add to the premium experience.

I believe that Samsung should let the Note series go and focus all its attention on the Fold because we already have an awesome competitive flagship from Samsung that has all the bells and whistles, the S20 Ultra. Also, most of the competition has already made it clear that the future is foldable.


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Why not double down on the opportunity and motivate their already loyal Note fanbase to get an even better stylus experience with the Galaxy Z Fold 2?

It is high time for Samsung to shelf the Note series and announces the Galaxy Z Fold series as their flagship standard for a productive mobile device. If not that, Samsung should at least give the consumers an option to have a stylus on the Galaxy Z Fold. Maybe they could even cut down on some redundant parts and make some room for the stylus. 

All we can really hope is for Samsung to give us a Galaxy Fold with a stylus next year.