Oppo has a reputation for manufacturing smartphones in every price category because of which it tends to have a pretty extensive lineup.

In 2020, they released three iterations of the Oppo Reno in the last six months. 

The Oppo Reno brand name covers the competitive mid-range smartphones from Oppo. 

The Reno Lineup

Smartphone manufacturers are known to upgrade their arsenal of phones annually or even once in two years. This has been the case for so long that it had become an unspoken norm in the industry. 

Apparently, the same norms don't seem to apply to Oppo. Since April last year, Oppo Reno has come up with four generations of releases. Yes, you read that right four generations with over 12 individual smartphones. 

You might remember the first Oppo Reno from last year. Its shark fin-like motorized front-facing camera managed to make it to quite a few headlines.

Not four months later, they refreshed the spec sheet and hit the market with the second-generation Reno 2.

Fast forward to March 2020, the Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro were at the scene with their premium looking designs, great cameras, and a super-fast charger. The device featured a relatively powerful MediaTek processor and instantly became an easy recommendation for someone with the sub $500 budget.

Out of the blue, the company outclassed the Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro and launched an entire generation with noticeably better specs and an updated design. The latest Reno smartphones, Reno 4 and Reno 4 pro, feature a 90 Hz panel borrowed from the Oneplus 8T and a charger that would put some laptops to shame. 


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The Reno 4 and Reno 4 Pro With Artificial Intelligence

One of the stand-out features of the Reno 4 is that it puts your data privacy above everything else with the use of artificial intelligence. You might feel like a secret agent when you see this feature in action. 

When a notification comes up on your phone, the phone instantly figures out who is looking at the screen. All it takes is a little bit of facial recognition and a little bit of AI. If someone other than you is looking at your screen, the device only tells you that you have a notification.

But if it's you—the device owner—who is looking at the screen, it will display the details of that notification. Nifty right? Wait till you hear more!

The AI in Reno 4 series will change the orientation of the screen according to your face. This feature means that you will no longer have to change screen orientation manually or get worried about a sudden change in screen orientation based on our movements. 

And don't worry, these features are used using a low power sensor so that you won't have to sacrifice your precious battery for an added layer of privacy.