Instagram celebrity Yris Palmer is dating professional basketball player Troy Daniels, and the couple is giving us relationship goals with their love and romance all over social media. The duo goes above and beyond to show their love to each other and the world, as is evident from their social media handles. 

Details About Their Dating Life

Palmer posted a video on her YouTube channel in May 2020, where they admitted to being a couple. The video was titled ‘Meet My Boyfriend,’ and the duo answered all the questions their viewers had asked them as a couple. 

The pair revealed they had first met through a mutual friend at a party. When Daniels first saw her, he thought of her as very put together and “fine as hell,” which he maintains is still true about her. Moreover, when asked to describe his girlfriend in 3 words, he chose beautiful, stubborn, and loving as the perfect words for her. 

The lovebirds also shared with the viewers that they have been together since 2019. And even though he is younger in age by a couple of years, they are very much serious about each other and are not just joking around.

Not only that, both Palmer and her boyfriend often post pictures with each other on social media. In one such post, he commented, “Let’s make treating your girl like a queen cool again.” 


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Both Palmer and Daniels have children from their previous relationships, but that has never been an issue for them.  

She Is Best Friends With Kylie Jenner

The 30-year-old Instagram celebrity is best friends with Kylie Jenner. The best friends share quite a few things, a taste for indulgence, for instance. In fact, they go all out when it comes to celebrating each other. 

For instance, Jenner threw a big birthday party for Palmer in 2019.


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Palmer is no less when it comes to being a best friend. On Jenner’s 22nd birthday, she gifted her a massive seven-foot-tall floral sculpture, which cost $21,000.

They even take vacations together. When Jenner launched her new skincare brand, the Kylie Skin Collection, she took all her family and close friends on a luxury yacht. Palmer was also a part of this trip, and the two even wore matching outfits.

Like Jenner, Palmer is a mother to a 3-year-old daughter called Ayla. Both moms often post pictures about playing with both children. 

Moreover, apparently, Palmer knew about Jenner’s secret pregnancy. 

She Is A Budding Entrepreneur

Palmer is the owner of Star Lash Extension, a lash company she started in 2014. Ever since starting her business, she has done lashes for celebrities, including Selena Gomez, Christina Milian, Adrienne Bailon, and Ashley Tisdale. This is also how Palmer became close friends with Kylie Jenner.