Memphis’s underground star Yo Gotti is not the only cruising through the rap scene, but it seems like he is also sailing smoothly through the love valley. 

As revealed by Yaya Sandoval, the owner of Bloom Glam, on her Instagram, the two are now dating. Sandoval, who previously dated Floyd Mayweather, first shared a photo of the pair back in August. 

Although Yo Gotti is known to be a private person, this revelation by his girlfriend comes as welcome news to his fans.

Yaya Sandoval Subtly Announced Their Relationship On Instagram

Yaya Sandoval, who goes by Yaya’s World on Instagram, confirmed in a photo uploaded on August 25 this past year that she is dating rap star Yo Gotti. Even though the photo only had a heart emoji as a caption, no words were needed to understand that the two were dating.

Again on September 30, she uploaded two photos of the couple with a lovely caption, "The happiest by your side."

Yaya is the founder of an all-around beauty company Bloom Glam. She founded the company back in 2108. It covers 'all things beauty such as Blowouts, Lash Extensions, Microblading, Training courses, and more!'.

Yo Gotti Was Married To Lakeisha Mims

Yo Gotti, who rose to fame in Memphis's underground rap scene, was previously married to Lakeisha Mims. They were married in 1989 and were rumored to have two children before going separate ways. Their relationship's details were kept well hidden as neither Gotti nor his previous wife were keen on sharing them on social media or speaking about their personal lives.

Yo Gotti is also rumored to have dated Jammie Mosses. However, it has not been confirmed reliably by either of them.

Despite keeping his past relationships under the radar, the rapper didn't shy off from sharing photos of him and his kids. He used to post pictures of them whenever they're vacationing. They seem to share a loving bond and enjoy quality time together.

Yo Gotti Enjoying Quality Time with His Son (Source: Facebook)

However, his Instagram is mainly focused on his work these days.

Yo Gotti Rose To Acclaim In The Underground Rapping Scene of Memphis

Yo Gotti, born Mario Mims, had a humble and struggling childhood growing up in Ridge Crest Apartments in Memphis, Tennessee. He followed the footsteps of 'Eightball & MJG' and '3-6 and Skip, a.k.a Gianni Booker' by dominating the underground rap scene before breaking into the mainstream by signing a record deal with Cash Money/Universal records. 

Having spent more than two decades as a rapper, Yo Gotti is currently busy looking after his label, Collective Music Group. He is the founder of the music group and also has been taking an executive role at present.