Who is Demi Burnett dating?

Apparently, she is still looking for love. She tried to find forever love on both The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise but to no avail.

However, she’s still hunting for her perfect match, and ABC gave her a third chance on The Celebrity Dating Game.

During episode three, Burnett tried to get to know the contestants(two women and one man) by asking them a series of questions.

The contestants, too, tried to predict Burnett’s identity, using unique clues featured in Michael Bolton’s hilarious parody song performance of ‘I’ll Stand by You.’

Burnett iterated that she did not care about gender and was just looking for someone who would make her a better person.

Eventually, it was Jordan Harvey, an event producer that impressed Burnett, who also guessed her real identity early in the show.

Harvey impressed Burnett from the start by saying that she wanted to take her for a ride on her motorcycle. 

Only time will tell if Burnett actually found love. 

Burnett Seeking a Loving Companion of Any Gender

A self-described “queer queen,” Burnett’s past dating history and public relationships prove that she’s interested in all kinds of people. 

Her journey to finding love started on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

After making her debut on the season, she was eliminated when she wanted to make their relationship serious, pushing Underwood to admit that he did not feel a connection with her. 

She did not give up and returned on Bachelor in Paradise, where she made headlines after coming out as bisexual, revealing she’d been talking to a girl back home. 

Eventually, the producers flew that woman out to join Burnett on the beach, and audiences were introduced to Kristian Haggerty.

Burnett had met Haggerty met through fellow bachelor contestant Catherine Agro. The two ultimately got engaged during the season finale, but their relationship ended just a few months later.

During the The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast, Burnett admitted that she did not feel the same way for Haggerty after some time and explained that the proposal would not have happened if they were not on the show. 

Burnett Continued Dating After Break Up

After her breakup, Burnett hinted that she was dating a man with a lot of tattoos. She later confirmed that it was none other than the musician Slater Davis on Instagram.

They were set up by her real-life best friend Katie Morton a month before the coronavirus lockdown. 

They ultimately stayed together, with Burnett moving into her then boyfriend's family’s home in Calabasas.

However, their romance wasn’t meant to last. On an episode of her podcast, Big Demi Energy, she opened up about her breakup. 

Being with somebody you just met like a month ago and then spending every day together, both of us going stir-crazy and not being ourselves, not doing our everyday routines, it really gets to people.

She added that they handled the quarantine differently, with Burnett taking it easy while Slater was feeling anxious not being able to release music. This eventually led to their breakup.