Born to Nigerian immigrant parents, Wale, born Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, is one of the very few music artists who hasn't been on the media's hit list for having a controversial love life. He has been in a few relationships in the past—and even has a daughter from one of them—but they barely make any headlines.

As someone who keeps a low profile on his dating life, the rapper has recently confirmed the rumor about his relationship with model India Graham to be right.

Wale Confirmed Dating India Grahams

When invited as a guest in the Red Table Talk's episode "What Men really think About Love?” Wale mentioned that he was looking for a bond and was "ready to find love." Not long after the show, in October 2019, the DC rapper confirmed the dating rumors about him and model India Grahams to be true. 

Grahams has modeled for a G-Star campaign with singer Pharrell Williams and is now signed to IMG Models. 

The couple was spotted displaying some PDA on stage in one of Wale’s performances in Atlanta. Grahams looked assured while cuddling up to the Grammy winner in one of the clips from his performances.​ 

At the afterparty of the same concert, the duo was reported to be seen cozying up and kissing. 

Wale and girlfriend India Grahams

Wale and Girlfriend India Grahams together (Source: Getty Images)

Before Grahams, Wale was exclusively dating ex-girlfriend Chloe Alexis. Alexis and Wale have a daughter together, and Wale expressed that his baby mother is amazing, but he, on the other hand, struggled to form a connection with their daughter.

Wale’s Emotionally Distant Upbringing Affected His Relationship With Daughter

After experiencing a miscarriage, the rapper and his longtime girlfriend Chloe Alexis gave birth to a baby girl Zyla Moon on July 22, 2016. However, the rapper admitted that he faced struggles while trying to connect with his daughter.

Speaking with Ebro Darden during a promotion campaign of his album, Wow... That’s Crazy, Wale shared about how his emotionally distant upbringing was affecting his relationship with his only daughter.

The Nigerian-American rapper revealed that he was raised in a completely different environment, an environment of fear and control. He expressed how his mother never kissed him and his siblings goodbye while dropping them at school and that showing compassion wasn’t something his parents did. 

My mother never sent me to school and kissed me on the cheek or kissed me goodnight… but it’s more like ‘Did you sweep the floor before I come home from work?’ You ready for school tomorrow?’

The DC rapper further said that because his parents raised him with tough love, he didn’t know how to show affection towards his daughter. However, he admitted that he was learning how to be more expressive without being all fake about it.