Started from a Hallmark movie romance, Victor Webster ended up finding his real-life Hallmark sequel with girlfriend Shantel VanSanten.

Most known for her work playing Billy Butcher's wife in Amazon's The Boys, Shantel played Victor's love interest in Hallmark's movie Love Blossoms. After meeting on the set of the 2017 movie, Victor and Shantel started dating and still seem to be going strong. 

Hallmark fans can expect another romance film from the now real-life couple if Hallmark decides to make that call. The two have graced many headlines in the past as a couple — from their steamy make-out on a beach to notable charity works. With everything that is going on, the Hallmark couple's real-life love story seems to be pointing to wedding bells. 

Love Blossoms: Victor And Shantel Immediately Hit It Off On Set

Hallmark is known for churning out those mushy romantic movies that people so dearly seem to love. The on-screen couples in the Hallmark movies set standards for real-life couples to aspire to. 

Every once in a while, Hallmark also does tend to churn out real-life romances akin to their on-screen ones. Case in point, the romance between Victor Webster and Shantel VanSanten.

Victor And Shantel On A Sunset Boat Ride

Victor And Shantel On A Sunset Boat Ride (photo: Instagram)

The celebrity couple first met on the set of 2017’s Hallmark movie, Love Blossoms, and immediately hit it off and started dating during the film’s production.

In the film, Shantel played a perfumer by the name of Violet. Violet is in a race against time to formulate her late father’s unfinished scent by the coming Valentine’s Day. Feeling out of her depth, she hires an inexperienced botanist (Victor) but with an uncanny ability to identify scents. 

As they start working together to finish the scent in time, they develop romantic feelings for each other, but this also threatens the deadline. 

Coming back to the couple's real-life, it has been 3 years since they first fell in love and still seem to be going strong. The couple even visits each other’s parents and family, suggesting that their relationship has taken the next level.

Victor Says His Life Is Like A Hallmark Movie And Prefers The Quite Life

It's not just the fans that think how the debonaire not only personifies the romantic actors he plays on-screen, but his life also embodies them. The actor himself thinks so. 

In an interview with Media Village, the hunk addressed this very fact and said what that was like for him. 

The actor has been a Hallmark name ever since he graced the screen in 2012’s Puppy Love opposite Candice Cameron Bure. He also romanced leading ladies such as Catherine Bell in Home for Christmas (2017), Jill Wagner in A Harvest Wedding (2017), and finally, his lady love, Shantel, in Love Blossoms. That story certainly doesn’t need to be elaborated further. 

With regards to him comparing his life to hallmark movies, the 47-year-old talked about his role as Carter in the movie Homegrown Christmas, opposite Lori Loughlin. 

In the movie, the actor plays a grieving Romeo who is still holding on to the love of his life, Maddie. 17 years ago, Maddie had left him, her family, and the entire town behind to start her own shoe company. Carter and Maddie come face to face when she returns back for the holidays and finds out that Carter is actually involved in her family’s furniture business. 

The hunk described his character as a town guy who loathed the city life and found satisfaction in doing small-time artistic pursuits. 

He said that he was very similar to Carter in that regard. He also revealed his thoughts in wanting to move out of Los Angeles in the coming years and get a small house in the woods.

Furthermore, The Mutant X star added that he preferred to have a people to people moment that was missing from the city life. He said that he liked the real conversations and having a real connection. 

The Hallmark Couple Are Getting Quite Serious — Hinting To Matrimony In The Works

The exemplary couple first made headlines back in June 2018 when they were spotted getting steamy on a Mexican beach. 

The couple had gone on a trip to two Mexican resorts in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. They were seen walking the beach, holding each other's hand, and also sharing a steamy kiss. 

Then later in August 2018, the couple made the news by appearing together in a charity event for veterans called Homes 4 Families. The organization helps low-income veteran families to transition to a middle-class family by building resilient homes and provide sufficient funds to make a stable income. 

This is done by collaborating with celebrities who do their part in not only providing donations but by becoming hands-on with the building process. 

While most celebrities appeared in the 2nd annual Celebs4vets charity event, the actor and his girlfriend appeared together.

Needless to say, couples appearing together in charity and social events usually points to something serious brewing. The couple's appearance in social events seems to allude to that. In 2019, the Hallmark couple shared another milestone. Their joint effort at the ‘Climb for Covid’ workout challenge helped raise $11,000 for Lung Association

Not many know that Shantel’s grandmother passed away from lung cancer. She revealed this in an April post on her IG. She wrote that on the other side of her determination and drive to support the victims of Lung Cancer was a deep-seated pain that she often tries to keep away from the public. 

In that same post, she also revealed that her healthy, non-smoking grandmother had passed away from lung cancer when she was 79 years old. The reveal then turned into a long heartfelt message to her grandmother of sorts. It is through her pain, she said, that she is reminded of her daily battle to fight the debilitating disease that is lung cancer. 

Judging by everything that is going on between them, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that the couple could soon make their relationship official — or as we would like to call it, a Hallmark event!