Tristan Thompson has become the center of yet another cheating scandal as allegations of him sleeping with one of The Blackout Girls were made in a recent podcast. Adam22 facilitated the reveal on his No Jumper podcast. 

The infidelity accusation is the last in a long list, dating all the way back to 2016 when his relationship with Khloé Kardashian was still in its infancy. 

"But Baby It Was Good"

For a recent episode of the No Jumper podcast, Adam22 was engaged in an interview with four girls who identify themselves as The Blackout Girls.

As the conversation progressed, the topic on the table was recent sexual experiences and one of the girls, Hayden, posed a loaded question to her friend Sidney.

She asked Sidney to describe her sexual experiences with Thompson, albeit in a lot more informal tone.

Everyone in the room lit up with excitement. For a split second, Sidney hesitated but eventually admitted that she enjoyed their encounter. However, she had no idea that Thompson was dating Kardashian. 

It was not that she did not ask, either. According to Sidney, Thompson explicitly told her that he was not in a relationship anymore.

She further claimed that they "talked and hung out" on multiple occasions back in January. In due time, Sidney found out that Thompson was not honest about his relationship status, so she "cut him off."

The NBA star is currently in a relationship with Kardashian. Even so, it is very likely that this revelation will put another crack in their already complicated relationship history. 

Thompson and Kardashian Engaged?

The allegations come after the celebrity couple made headlines with their desire to have another baby.

In a February 2021 report from ET, Kardashian seriously considered getting married to her beau and welcoming baby number two. 

In recent news, the beauty mogul flashed a massive diamond on her left ring finger on one of her Instagram posts. Though no official word has come to light, the ring speaks for itself. 

The couple had a falling out in 2019 after news broke that he had cheated on his girl with their family friend Jordyin Woods.

Woods later admitted to kissing the Boston Celtics star but denied all allegations of sleeping together. 

A History of Infidelity 

Thompson and the reality star began seeing each other sometime in mid-2016. The two were even spotted together at Flo Rida's birthday party that year.

By December, the first infidelity allegations had begun when his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig gave birth to their first child.

The NBA star denies any overlap between his relationship with Kardashian and Craig. Even through these stormy waters, their relationship did not falter.

In October 2017, just days before Khloe gave birth, the player was seen in a hookah lounge where he got handsy with two women. Around the same time, he was caught on video going into an NYC hotel with yet another woman.

As to where things stand now, the celebrated couple is yet to dish out an official statement regarding the status of their relationship, engaged or otherwise.