If you are an avid follower of today’s Christian society, Touré Roberts is probably a familiar name to you. Besides being a pastor and an author, Roberts is also well recognized as the husband of a motivational speaker, Sarah Jakes Roberts.

The pair, both of whom are self-help authors, have six children altogether.

Both Roberts & Sarah Were Married to Different Spouses in the past

Roberts and his wife are both in their second marriages, after getting divorced from their previous spouses. The pastor's first wife was Lori Roberts, a children's book author, and an active Christian. They had a shaky marriage, and later, he filed for divorce in 2014 in the Van Nuys Courthouse in Los Angeles, California.

Similarly, motivational speaker Sarah was also married once before she met Roberts. She has implied that her previous marriage was "very bad," in an interview with Essence. However, no further details can be found on her previous marriage.

In my previous marriage I was nearly arrested.

She Felt Vulnerable in Her First Date with Roberts

After getting out of her seemingly horrible marriage, Sarah claimed to have felt very vulnerable when with Roberts on their first date. She shared with Essence that she had forgotten what being treated nicely felt like.

Being vulnerable and being treated like a lady wasn’t something that I had really become accustomed to because I was so used to being tough and taking care of myself.

She mentioned that it was a fantastic date and that she felt “naked” in front of the author. “I felt vulnerable and naked. Not naked like he’s looking at me, but naked like I don’t think I can hide anything from him,” she expressed.

There is something within me that wanted to be the truest version of myself with him.

The Couple Has a Daughter Together

Sarah and Roberts got married in 2016 in a very private wedding. They welcomed their daughter, Ella, soon after that.

Besides Ella, Sarah has two kids from her previous marriage, and Roberts has three with his ex wife, making the total number of children in the Roberts household six.

Sarah mentioned that she was very nervous when the kids first met each other, but the author of Purpose Awakening and Wholeness was confident that they would get along pretty well. The meeting happened in Disneyland and apparently went very smoothly.

I was nervous. I wanted the kids to feel as comfortable together as we did. He wasn’t. He knew that God wouldn't intertwine our hearts and then leave our children to suffer.

At present, the family seems to have no friction between themselves as they are happily living together under the same roof.