Acting on-screen can be tricky, especially when an actor who is committed in real life has to perform intense romantic scenes with their co-star.

However, Steven Yeun didn’t think twice before filming intimate on-screen scenes with his co-star Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead, thanks to his wife Joana Pak, who was understanding and “super cool” about such scenes.

Speaking with television host Larry King on Larry King Now in October 2013, the Korean-American actor talked about filming love scenes with actress Cohan and how his significant other never questioned his loyalty.

Yeun initially agreed that he was dating someone in response to King’s question of whether he was committed to someone off-screen. For the record, the actor was dating his current wife, Pak.

He further shared that Pak was “super cool,” and they had a “mutual admiration for each other,” which enabled the actor to concentrate on his on-screen work without the fear of being questioned by his partner.

Further, speaking about filming very intimate moments on-screen, Yeun said that he and his co-star Cohan had to film s** scenes — and it only felt comfortable after both actors committed to making themselves feel relaxed with the other person.

You know, what’s great is like, I...I make it a thing to feel comfortable with her and she makes that thing to feel comfortable with me and it’’s fine.

Yeun and Cohan had great chemistry as an on-screen pair in the series The Walking Dead, as Glenn Rhee, a former pizza delivery boy, and Maggie Greene, the Greene family’s eldest daughter, respectively. In the series, they get married after getting into a brief relationship.

As for his real-life romance, actor Yeun has been married to Pak, a Columbia College alum. On December 3, 2016, they walked down the aisle, dressed in classic Korean attire, in front of two-hundred-and-twenty guests.

Steven Yeun and Joana Pak on their wedding day.

Steven Yeun and Joana Pak on their wedding day. (Photo: Twitter)

On the wedding day, the married couple honored their parents by gifting bouquets to their mothers. “We didn’t make anything sacred, [which] made the ceremony very relaxed and focused on a greater message of love,” the Minari star said about his wedding.

Likewise, Pak added, “There was no harsh lights-up or ushering out. Just a natural end to a great day.”

The couple first met in Chicago in 2009 after they caught each other’s eyes at a local bar where the actor worked as a bartender.

She walked into the bar where I was a really shitty bartender, and it was kismet. After that, I saw her every day for six months.

The couple are parents to two children: a son, Jude Malcolm Yeun, born in 2017, and a daughter, born in 2019.

The family of four lives in their 3,600 square feet house in Los Angeles. Their house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and spacious living and entertaining spaces and is valued at over $3.3 million.