There is no doubt that Pastor Steven Furtick finds contentment in doing God's work. However, the things that bring him the most joy are his beloved wife and children. 

The family man makes sure never to neglect his family no matter how busy he may be spreading God's love.  

Steven Furtick Is Deeply Connected To His Wife And Children

Steven is married to Holly, and the beautiful couple has three children- two sons Elijah, Graham, and daughter Abbey. 

It is evident from social media that the members of the Furtick family share a profound connection. One such post that captured our attention was on the wifey's Instagram. On the occasion of Father's Day, Holly was all praises about the incredible father Steven has been to their children. She appreciated how lovingly he talks to them, accepts them for who they are, and how keenly interested he is in anything that interests the children.

Clearly, Steven is a devoted and loving father. So much so that he even loves Rap music because his children love it.  


               "Holly Furtick's Instagram post appreciating her husband" (Source: Instagram)

He is not only the doting father but also shares a beautiful relationship with his wife and supports her in all her endeavors. He has often posted on Instagram about how much he admires her and how he has watched her become the wife God has always intended her to be. 

They Love Spending Time With Each Other

Not only on social media but also interviews, Holly has always maintained that she truly enjoys life with her husband. The couple loves spending time with each other. They make it a point to go on dates often, sleep in till late, go out shopping and just relax with one another as much as they can. 

She has also mentioned that being a Pastor's wife, she tries to be the best version of herself and be what God intended her to be instead of allowing other people to fit her in a box of what a Pastor's wife should be like. 

While the husband is busy doing his own duties, her responsibility in the ministry includes caring for the church's staff spouses to keep them informed about things going on at Elevation and celebrations. 

The Pastor Never Stops Doing God's Work

Steven is a pastor, songwriter, and author. He has a master of divinity degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, as well as a bachelor’s degree from Baptist-affiliated North Greenville University. 

He, along with his wife Holly, found and launched the Elevation Church in 2006. Over the years, Elevation Church has blossomed into an international ministry through online streaming, television, and Elevation worship music. 

He continues to do God's work and has successfully written books about it, including 'Crash the Chatterbox,' 'Greater,' 'Sun Stand Still,' '(Un)Qualified,' and 'Seven-Mile Miracle.'

He has other accomplishments as well, including being listed as the fifth most powerful person in town by Charlotte magazine. His name has also been mentioned in the SuperSoul 100 by the Oprah Winfrey Network as one of the 100 leaders who use their voices and talent to elevate humanity.