There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding Shawn Pomrenke's wife. While Jenny Schield is a name that often pops in a few sites, Pomrenke's 'no wife' Reddit comment created much-unwanted confusion. 

The sea-faring gold dredger from Discovery's Bering Sea Gold has three kids from his marriage and is also seen with another woman named Monica Gomez. His pictures with her suggest that he might have one other kid from her. 

Still, confused? Fret not! We will clarify any confusion regarding Jenny Schield and deduce just where the misunderstanding regarding Shawn Pomrenke's wife lies. 

The Confusing Case Of Jenny Schield As Pomrenke’s Wife

Bering Sea Gold (2012- ) is hailed as one of the most interesting treasure hunting shows on TV, separating it from the likes of Gold Rush Alaska (2010- ) and Deadliest Catch (2005- ). Its main cast Shawn Pomrenke makes the show even better with his rough, tough, and high-tempered persona. 

The show features Pomrenke and a group of dredgers as they scurry the ocean floor for some good ol’ fashion booty...arr mitey! 

Pomrenke runs the show with his father and sometimes even his son and daughter. 

While his children certainly lent an amateurish, DIY feel to the show, they were also the very source of confusion regarding a certain person by the name of Jenny Schield. 

According to Hollywood Reporter, Jenny Schield is Pomrenke’s wife. But according to the man himself, he does not have a wife. This came from a Reddit comment he made to a fan’s query four years ago. 

In the Reddit section, one fan had noticed the absence of his ‘wife’ even though his children were often featured in the show. 

We see your son on the show but I don't recall ever seeing your wife. Are you still together? And did the pressures of gold getting cause a problem in your relationship?” –Enkil99

Pomrenke then straight up replied, “Nope, no, wife.” His to the point answer prevented further discussion on that subject. 

However, the 2012 IMDb cast listing of the show lists Schield as his fiance, so that could be the crux of the problem. 

Meet Pomrenke’s Son Dylan And Daughters Emily And Catherine

Pomrenke has three children, namely son Dylan and his daughters, Emily and Catherine. While Dylan and Emily have appeared on the show, this does not seem to be Catherine's case. 

Catherine seems to be the shy one of the bunch as even her Instagram account is private. But she does have one other public account, and that is mentioned in her private one. 

The public account contains Catherine’s family posts and seems to reveal that she a mother of a total of five children. Two of her children are featured alongside Pomrenke and Dylan and Emily in Pomrenke’s IG. 

There’s Another Woman Named Monica Gomez in The Family Picture

As if things weren’t complicated enough, another woman named Monica Gomez also frequently appears in Pomrenke’s IG posts. 

The interesting bit about her is that Pomrenke can be seen alongside two kids. The boy is named Luke, as this post of Pomrenke’s clearly indicates; the girl is as of yet unnamed. 

He can also be seen vacationing with the trio in Disney Land and even taking them on ski trips

His mention of the word “family” seems to allude to them being his second family, with Gomez being his wife and the girl being their daughter. 

And the boy named Luke? Well, he seems to be his child from his previous relationship with Jenny, as a photo from Jenny Schield's Facebook profile suggests. 

So there it is, the utterly confusing and mysterious case of Jenny Schield deduced and solved!

Jenny Schield With Luke September 9 2019

Jenny Schield With Luke September 9, 2019 (photo: Facebook)