News Anchor Shally Zomorodi is married to her husband Bruce Joon, but unlike most couples, the two have tied the knot multiple times. They first took the nuptial vows in 2005 and, in their over 15 years of relationship, have been through the entire marital ceremony a couple of times more.

As if three times wasn't enough, the FOX 5 Morning News Anchor has hinted towards a fourth wedding with her husband to mark their 20th anniversary.

Shally Zomorodi And Husband Bruce Joon Had A Persian American Wedding

On July 21, the journalist, via an Instagram post, commemorated the long-lasting relationship with hubby Bruce stating how it has all been a wonderful yet at times bumpy ride. 

1 years ago on this very day he asked me a question. He was so nervous. His voice trembling he asked, ‘Shally. Will you be my girl?’ It has been one heck of ride Brucie joon. Exciting. Exhilarating. And at times bumpy. We created 4 beautiful souls and a home filled with love, family and happiness. I love growing old with you. Loved you then. Love you still. Always have. Always will 

Shally further shared the story of their togetherness in a Facebook live Q&A with fans on June 25, 2019. They met at a restaurant named Javier in 1999, where both of them were with their friends having dinner. The News Anchor was asked to tag along with a friend who wanted to go out on a date with Bruce’s friend. After they hanged out once, Bruce asked Shally's number, and the two eventually went out on a jet skiing trip in July 1999, which was their first date.

Six years would pass since then before Bruce would finally propose Zomorodi at a mall in California while shopping in 2005.

In a YouTube video, the media personality reminisced her ‘big, fat Persian wedding’ in America, where more than 300 guests were in attendance on September 3 of the same year. Shally admits to being so smitten by the entire event that she has replicated the event multiple times. 

After winning an award for Journalism in the Miss California pageant, Shally took off to work for ABC in Texas.

Bruce Joon is an Iranian lawyer and chemical engineer who has an engineering firm in New Port Beach. Bruce did many back and forth between Iran and America before finally settling down in the latter.

Gradually, after 2 years, Shally came back to California. Bruce proposed to Shally at the mall while they were shopping in 2005.

Shally And Bruce Are Waiting To Get Married For The Fourth Time

Shally explained in her Facebook live Q&A in June 2019 that the couple had not signed their marriage license during their first wedding, so they went on to get married again, this time in Las Vegas, a few years later.

The husband-and-wife had three babies after that. A few years passed after which Bruce romantically asked his beloved to marry him again. The duo got married for the third time when their children inquired why they were not invited to the wedding. 

On 1st August 2020, Shally uploaded a video on YouTube titled A new adventure announcing the plan to marry for the fourth time. This time the seasoned reporter wishes to walk down the aisle on their 20th wedding anniversary while also stating how each of their four marriage is dedicated to their four children. 

And now my eyes are on our 20th wedding anniversary coming up in just several years…we’re gonna get married again, one wedding for each of our four children in hopes they will get to see their parents fall in love over and over.

The Couple Have Four Lovely Kids Together

Shally and Bruce are parents to four adorable kids. Their first kid, Arshia, was born on 7th October 2011, after six years of their first marriage. Since then, they have had two more sons named Arshan and Shayden and a daughter named Shyla.

The family of six loves to enjoy their time with each other, as is evident in their countless Instagram posts.