Radio host, Sarah Spain is a very popular media personality especially familiar to radio listeners. She is the winner of an Emmy and Peabody award and currently hosts Spain and Company on ESPN radio. While she is recognized for her voice and commentary, her physical appearance is no less.

During a particular thread in her Twitter regarding what she wanted in a man, the ESPN sports reporter revealed her actual height to the public. In addition to that, her fans got a double whammy when she also revealed that she had a partner who fits her height requirements.  Due to her tall build, it was no surprise that Sarah wanted someone like her: tall (also add to that, charming), and that is exactly what she got.

Sarah Spain Was Already 6 Feet Tall At Age 12!

Sarah Spain is the definition of an attractive woman, and a tall physique comes with the package but exactly how tall is Sarah Spain?

For years, the American sports reporter drew in many curiosities from her fans regarding her height. In the past, she had made several mentions regarding her height. But most of them were just casual references to her height from when she was young and never completely revealed it. 

In one reply to @minakimes about weighing 9 pounds as a baby, Sarah replied that she was only 6 pounds. She then followed that by asking back how long it took her to pass Mina Kimes in height and weight; alluding to the fact that Sarah was much taller than Mina Kimes. 

In another tweet, Sarah wrote, "Yes, my height would've been a distinct advantage if heights had increased, but also it would just make for more interesting competition." While this statement was out of context to know what she was really talking about, this thread is where she went on to reveal her actual height. 

When @24_Miguel_24 asked Sarah what her height was, she immediately replied that she was 6 feet tall. Her straight-to-the-point answer put to rest any further height discussion about her. 

This is not all. In a later tweet the following year, Sarah mentioned that she was already her full height of 6 feet when she was 12! This comment came when she was watching a 12-year old kid on Jimmy Fallon's show and was taken aback by the fact that the kid was roughly the same size as Danny DeVito. DeVito is 4 feet 10 inches tall. 

If Sarah's comments are to be taken at face value, this makes Sarah much taller than the women's national average height of 5’4 in the US.

Sarah Sets 'Tall' Standards For Her Men

It is natural to think that someone as attractive and tall as Sarah Spain would have 'high' standards (pun intended). Sarah seems to be particularly attracted to tall men or even wished other celebrities were taller than they actually were.

In this particular tweet, Sarah wished just this. Her comment came with regards to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Muppets'Speicals performance with Lady Gaga. After watching the special, she tweeted the statement, "If only JGL were about 8 inches taller..."

When asked by @RedheadLorri for Sarah to look past JGL's height, Sarah agreed that while she loved the actor in every way, she just wished he was taller. 

Then another one of her followers, @RealJPB, asked her, "why 8 inches?" since it only took 3 more inches for the actor to come to Sarah's height. Sarah's reply would not only answer the question but also go on to reveal her relationship status. 

Sarah's reply confirmed that her boyfriend, at the time, was 6’5". 

Sarah's own height seems to be the reason she is so particular in her height preferences, as she also mentioned in another reply: “I'm 6 feet tall! I'm allowed to want 'em tall!”

Meet Brad Zibung: Sarah's Partner Who Fulfilled Her Wishes

The 6 feet 5-inch boyfriend that Sarah had revealed in 2013 could most definitely be Brad Zibung, who is also now her husband. Sarah and Brad got married in May of 2016, as Sarah’s 2020 Instagram post suggests. 


A post shared by Sarah Spain (@spain2323)

Sarah also mentioned in the post she has been with Brad for a good total of 11 years. This means that the “boyfriend” in Sarah’s 2013 tweets could very well be Brad himself.

Currently, Brad is a real estate agent and the founder of the satirical sports newspaper The Heckler. The Heckler posits no affiliation to any sports team and is largely satirical in their reporting. While relatively lesser known than their sports magazine counterparts, the sattirical newspaper has also been featured in other large media outlets such as the Chicago Sun-TimesFox Chicago, and ESPN Radio

Given Sarah's portfolio as a sports journalist herself, it does not take much to deduce that Brad and she are not just fitting partners in height but fitting partners in crime. In any case, Sarah seems to have got the tall man she always wanted         


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