Sarah Jakes Roberts has accomplished immense success at a young age. However, out of all her accomplishments, she is proudest of the life she has built with her husband and children. 

Sarah has two children from her former husband, Robert Henson. After her divorce, she found love again and married Touré Roberts in 2014. Touré also has three children from his previous relationship.

A Happy Family Of Six

Sarah once posted on Facebook that she was very nervous when their children first met. The couple had planned a trip to Disneyland, hoping all their children would get along well. 

On the trip, she realized that Touré accepted her children as his own. She understood that he was an incredible father and the rest is history. The couple has come a long way since. From attending graduations to planning birthday parties, they are like any other regular family. 

The blended family of five welcomed a sixth member with the couple's first child together in 2016. They named their youngest daughter Ella Roberts. 

Sarah Loves Her Husband For Being An Amazing Father

Sarah credits her husband for how exciting the blending of their two families has been over the years.  

On Father's Day, she posted on Instagram describing Toure's relationship with each of their six children. For example, when Ella stubs her toe, he beats up the sofa, finds a way to make Kenzie happy when she's sad, and so on with the other children—Isaiah, Malachi, Teya, and Ren. 

She also claimed that he is truly the best dad ever for their children, and if there was ever an award for it, he would definitely win it. She also described all the amazing qualities that make him a wonderful father, such as being loving, comforting, forgiving, and being a great comic. 

Sarah said he is not just an incredible father to the children but also an equally wonderful husband. In another Instagram post, she further confessed that she felts grateful for the joy he has brought into her life. She also said that she doesn't have time to grieve about the life she lived before him because their love is more powerful and consuming. 

She Faced Many Challenges Before Touré

Sarah surprised the world when she became a mother at the age of 14. The fact that she was so young, coupled with being a preacher's daughter, made it especially challenging for her to be accepted in society. In addition to that, she also felt isolated at the time, and it took years for her to learn to handle the rumors and gossip about her. 

Moreover, she was earlier married to Robert Henson, the NFL player. Needless to say, it wasn't a very happy marriage as within four years of getting married, the couple made headlines about getting a divorce. 

However, she kept growing through these experiences and eventually met Touré Roberts. She decided to give love a second chance and is now living her dream life with her family.