World-renowned stand-up comedian Russell Dominic Peters has been linked with several exquisite beauties over the years. Recently, on February 14, 2021, Peters posted a picture with his new girlfriend and embellished it with a romantic caption.   

Peters Wishes His Ladylove on Valentine's Day

From the looks of it, there might be a new lady in Peters’ life. 

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the comedian uploaded a romantic post on his Instagram handle. In the picture, the comedian/actor adorably embraces his new girlfriend. 

The couple gazes into each other’s eyes as the sun sets on the green emerald water in the background. 

Peters' unique way of confessing how much his girlfriend means to him makes the post memorable. He wrote that his girlfriend makes him feel utterly complete, and he wants to grow old with her.

"It’s Valentine's Day and I never really believed that I would find someone that made me feel complete... is it sudden? Yes, it is... was I looking for it? No... have I found the person that I genuinely want to spend my life with? YES," he wrote.

"I love you @_ilali and I’d say I can’t wait to grow old with you but as it happens, we’re both already old AF!! Life doesn’t happen when you want it to... it happens when it’s supposed to." 

The post didn’t reveal details about his new love. Nevertheless, she goes by the name _ilali on Instagram, and her profile is private.

Interestingly, her Instagram bio reads, "RP," with a heart and ring emoji — and now that hints that the two might already be engaged secretly. It's just a matter of time when the comedian reveals this detail, too.

The Stunning Ladies that Peters Has Dated

The Canadian comic has dated a handful of women to date. 

Peters has a daughter, Crystianna, from his ex-wife Monica Diaz. He married Diaz at a shotgun wedding in August 2010 in Las Vegas. Soon after the wedding, the couple figured they were incompatible and that the marriage wasn’t working. 

Peters and Diaz divorced two years after their marriage. 

In September 2016, the Brampton native thought he had found “the one” and got engaged to Ruzanna Khetchian. The comedian confessed to ET Canada that he dropped to both knees to propose to his then-girlfriend, Khetchian. 

Russell Peters and ex-fiancee Ruzanna Khetchian

Russell Peters and ex-fiancee Ruzanna Khetchian (Source: Celeb-gossip)

Additionally, he revealed that the diamond ring he gifted Khetchian was a 4.25 carat diamond with four lobsters holding the massive jewel in place. 

Mark Lash made this giant ring. It’s a 4.25 carat diamond with four lobster claws holding the diamond in place because [Ruzanna] & I are big ‘Friends’ fans and there’s that whole thing that lobsters mate forever…

However, the couple’s relationship succumbed to their disputes. They called it off just four months after their engagement. 

In 2017, the Canadian comedian started dating model and former Miss Universe Honduras Jennifer Andrade. Their first son was born two years later in 2019.

My beautiful girlfriend @jenniferandrade_ delivered me a handsome, strong, big ass, healthy, baby boy.

Not much has been said or revealed about the couple’s breakup.

Apart from the mentioned names, the comedian had also dated his long-time friend and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone around 2008. "Yes, we did date each other. It was five-and-a-half-years ago. It was a wonderful time. She's a real sweetheart, you know," Peters told Hindustan Times in October 2013.

However, given his Valentine’s Day Instagram post, it appears that Peters has found love in another woman.