American singer-songwriter Riley Green has a set of qualities he seeks in his girlfriend and future wife. Among all the requirements, the one that stands on the top is his partner must have a green signal from his mom. 

Green, however, has not yet found the woman his mother likes or the woman he can write songs about. The Country Music Award-winner has never written love songs on any women despite touching hearts with his lyrics based on trucks, grandfather, and heartbreaks. 

Says He’s Never Been a Love Song Guy

As a rising country artist, Green has recorded several hits.

The inspirations behind each of them are vastly different. He wrote 'I Wish Grandpas Never Died' to get past his grandfather’s death, and his muse for 'In Love By Now' was a girl he says was too good for him.

The country singer's songs mostly have the heartbreak factor, but they are never about being in love. During an interview with Taste of Country, he confessed it's because he’s never been a big love song guy and leans more towards the type who didn’t chase after a girl he should have.

I’ve never been a big love song guy. I always go more towards the guy sitting in a lawn chair sitting next to a cooler full of Keystone beer as the girl drives off that he probably should have went after, but he was drunk. I play that guy well in my songwriting.

What Does Green Look For In A Girl?

The singer has spoken about his part dates and relationships on multiple occasions. He has also been open about never having fallen in love. But what does the country singer look for in a girl?

In a Q&A video he did for CMT, he addressed the most important quality to look for in a woman. He answered that she would have to get along with his mom and joked about how that already was a tough prospect.

I’d say she would have to get along with my mom. And that’s a tough one to accomplish anyway.

He shared similar sentiments while talking to WYRK's radio host in March 2021.

When asked about his plans on getting married, he cited his mom must approve of his partner. He maintained no matter how good his chemistry with his girlfriend would be, it wouldn't work until his mom likes her.

Needless to say, he is still far from getting married.

Hunting Distracted Him When He Had a Girlfriend

The musician is of a free spirit, and all current signs point to him being single. With the extra time that he has when he's not writing songs or singing, he prefers to use them on his favorite hobby — hunting.


A post shared by Riley Green (@rileyduckman)

The country singer from Alabama is an avid hunter. Even his Instagram handle is named "rileyduckman." His love for hunting is no secret, and he has professed his love for the activity on more than one occasion.

In an interview with Taste of Country, he recalled a story of how much he was engaged in thinking about turkeys when he was with his girlfriend. He would zone off while on a date and had to reply to his girlfriend, who would ask, "You’re thinking about turkeys aren’t you?" 

Perhaps because of his love for hunting, Green also wants a partner with similar interests. In a tweet dated January 20, 2021, he expressed how cool it would be if he found a girlfriend who loved hunting and also Busch Beers.