Musician Ahmir Khalib Thompson, known professionally as Questlove, is relatively low-key about his love life. However, he has brought up his girlfriend on a few occasions. 

In November 2020, the drummer tweeted several times about finally finding a place where he doesn’t mind turning gray and jokingly wondered if his girlfriend would allow him to play loud music in his house. 

Questlove And His Mysterious Girlfriend

Born on January 20, 1971, Questlove has built a fairly diverse career. Fans are interested in knowing what’s cooking in the musician’s life. However, the drummer and joint frontman of the band The Roots hasn’t posted any pictures of his better half on social media networks.

On the other hand, the drummer further ignited the fire by addressing his ‘girlfriend’ on several occasions without actually giving away her name. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Questlove mentioned his girlfriend brought him the book and audio version of The Gene Keys. He added that he listened to the book for half an hour every day and said that it has helped him get better. 

He revealed little about his girlfriend, but eventually, he gave away her name—Gracie—when he revered her as a hero.

My girlfriend Gracie is a godsend hero. She introduced me to the world of Dr. Joe Dispenza (new hero) who taught me that I am my own hero.

There have been a few speculations that Gracie is actually singer Usher’s ex-wife, Grace Miguel. However, speculations regarding whether Gracie was previously married to Usher are essentially hearsay, since there have been no official confirmations.

The Drummer Bought a Place in Upstate New York

Questlove yet again mentioned his girlfriend when he appeared on a YouTube video to answer the internet’s most searched questions about him.

In the video uploaded on Dec 14, 2020 by Wired, one of the questions asked to the 50-year-old drummer was where he lived. He responded that he was raised in Philadelphia but relocated to Manhattan upon being called up by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In the wake of COVID-19, Questlove bought a place in upstate New York. He adorably added that his girlfriend calls their new home a “Chateau” and that the place is “kind of cool.”

Talking about his new home, in several of his tweets from November 2020, the musician opened up that he finally found a place where he wouldn’t mind growing old.

Questlove tweets about his house and girlfriend Grace

Questlove tweets about his house and girlfriend Grace (Source: Questlove's Twitter)

The drummer, once again, subtly mentioned his girlfriend as he displayed concern for her reaction to his loud music in the same series of tweets.