British actor Peter Gadiot seems to be good at portraying a romantic relationship in front of the camera, but what about his love life behind the scenes?

The 34-year-old actor has left some clues now and then on his Instagram about him possibly being in relationships.

Peter Frequently Reveals Crumbs Of Details About His Former Girlfriend On His Social Media

As per an Express article, in 2014, Peter took to Twitter encouraging fans to ask him any questions they like, using #AskPeter. Among dozens of questions he received that day, one fan, in particular, inquired if he had a girlfriend. He answered by explaining that he 'sadly' didn't have one but hoped it would change soon. 

The same year, the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland star posted a picture on Instagram of the woman's back in a bikini enjoying a rainbow, seemingly hinting at another one of his girlfriends. Her face wasn't visible, and it could not be concluded if he was dating that girl in the picture or not. 


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Once again, in 2018, he spoke a little about his love life when a woman tweeted,

I don’t think anyone would pretend to be a ginger in their profile pic, so mine is definitely me #justiceforgingers. 

The actor replied to the tweet exclaiming that his ex-girlfriend was a 'ginger' and accompanied it with an OK emoji. The woman's identity in the picture was never revealed, and his viewers were left guessing whether she could have been Peter’s ex-girlfriend.

In September 2020, the London-born actor posted a silhouette picture with a woman along with a beautiful poem that looked like his attempt at being romantic -- a poem probably dedicated to the woman in the picture. However, nothing conclusive could be further said on the matter.

Peter’s On-screen and Off-screen Chemistry with Co-star Alice Braga 

Peter portrays James Valdez in Queen of the South, an American crime drama series. He plays a potential love interest opposite Alice Braga, who portrays Teresa Mendoza in the series. The duo's characters progress from friends to lovers in Queen of the South.

It is apparent that Peter and Alice share excellent chemistry in the series, which has resulted in fans shipping them. However, they rarely talk about each other in interviews. 

In 2018, Alice took part in a Facebook Live Q&A where a fan asked if she could say something about the kiss with James (Peter’s character in Queen of the South). She replied, “Peter Gadiot could kiss. Girls, sorry that happened”. 

The Dutch and Mexican descent actor was not happy with her reply as he replied to the video stating, “Over three years of working together and she pronounced my name wrong! Haha,” along with an emoji of a man shrugging and a hear-no-evil-monkey. This was clearly a satirical comment, but the fact that she doesn’t know how to pronounce his surname after working together for three long years could suggest that their off-camera chemistry could be totally off.

Going through their social media accounts, they don’t have anything related to each other but often post about other co-stars. These may indicate that both the actors don't have a close relationship with each other but make up for it in front of the camera. 

Despite some tad bit teasers on his relationship, Peter remains very private about his personal life, and there are no reports of him having a girlfriend or a wife.

Peter has Put Philanthropic Efforts Against Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Peter is an active campaigner against human trafficking and slavery.

He rowed across the Atlantic Ocean as a part of a twelve crew team to raise awareness for Anti- Slavery International and the Fairtrade foundation.