The City Hunter actors Park Min-young and Lee Min-ho gave K-drama lovers a sensational topic to ponder upon when news of their romantic relationship was revealed to the public in 2011. But, not long after, the announcement of their breakup turned into another hot take. 

The actors’ agencies calmed the media's curiosity regarding the break-up by saying the separation was due to their busy schedules. But was that really the case?

Beginning And End Of The Romance

It is known that Min-young and Min-ho fell for each other in the set of the hit K-drama, City Hunter. The former couple’s mesmerizing on-screen chemistry gradually turned into reality and left the K-drama world in awe as the news of them dating surfaced. 

The news took the media by storm, which might have been too much for the actors. But, after few months of dating, rumors of their separation began spreading as the actors were not together in award shows and seemed distant from one another.

The rumor turned out to be true as an official confirmation surfaced in January 2012. Both the actors' agencies confirmed that after the series, they were very busy with their schedules and could not make enough time to see each other, which led them to separate on a friendly note. 

However, the stars had already parted ways long before revealing their break-up to the public. The reason for them holding the news a little longer was to not drag any unwanted attention from the media. 

Despite the actors trying to keep their relationship under wraps, it became well-known to all. They were surrounded with overwhelming attention, making it hard to express themselves genuinely in the relationship. So they had to go their separate ways.

Who is Min-young Dating?

The 34-year-old star has also been rumored to have been romantically associated with the K-drama actors Park Seo Joon and Ji Chang Wook.

The rumor regarding her dating Park Seo Joon was a buzz topic, although they shared screen back in 2018 for the popular TV series What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Some news-hungry reporters tried their best to stir the rumor, but Min-young herself shut-down the buzz as reported by an online source.

The source added that she would not have posted her picture with Park Seo Joon on Instagram if she had planned to keep the relationship a secret, as rumored. 

Likewise, her rumor with the actor Ji Chang Wook also ignited after another successful drama, Healer. The drama presents swoon-worthy on-screen romance between the stars, which added fuel to the rumor regarding the stars’ off-screen romantic chemistry. But, no evidence could be found to support the tale.

Obviously, the actors involved in romantic scenes are usually rumored to be together because of their closeness, as seen on-screen, but that’s not necessarily true every time. And, so goes with Min-young’s dating life.