Former NBA star Nate Robinson's personal life has been less than smooth after he admitted to cheating on his long time partner and mother of three children. He posted a picture of his fourth child born from a different partner while still being in a relationship.

The mystery surrounding the mother of the fourth child has intrigued many fans. So, who is she, and who is the mother of his first three kids?

Nate Robinson Apologized To Mother Of His Three Children

The mother of Nate's first three kids is Sheena “Shanna Rae” Felitz. The pair were high school sweethearts. They had been dating each other, on and off, for years.

During their relationship, they gave birth to three kids Nyale, Nahmier, and Nayvi. Nahmier, born on October 27, 2004, is the eldest of them all and goes by the nickname Meezy. Nyale, aka Rico, is the second child born on July 16, 2006. Nayvi, who also goes by the name Blue, is the youngest of the children. She was born on 18 September 2009.

Nate's family life had appeared to be going on fine, but out of nowhere, he posted a detailed apology note on his Instagram in 2016. (The apology post is not available on his Instagram now). Through it, he had asked his long-term partner to forgive him for being a 'bad guy on and off.'

The apology confused many of his fans initially, but it was all clear after he posted pictures welcoming his new and fourth child, Nasir, into the family; the kid was conceived by another woman while still in a relationship with Sheena.

It turns out the apology didn't work out because Nate posted a photo with his former girlfriend and the children with a remorseful caption Hate saying goodbyes ... Especially When the goodbye isn't the way you would have wanted it”.

Is Nate Together With Nasir's Mother After Split With Sheena? 

Despite the public apology and remorseful posts, Nate remained unforgiven. He never got back with Sheena. But, some questions remained, did he get together with the mother of his fourth kid, Nasir. And, who is she? 

However, the identity of Nasir's mother and her whereabouts has been kept private. There is no revelation of whether Nasir's mother is his current wife, girlfriend, or if they have already gone separate ways.

It is only known that Nate and his children are enjoying life together. Moreover, his children, from the looks of it, have forgiven their father's transgressions. Especially, Nahmier has posted several photos with his father.

Like Father, Like Children: All Enjoy Basketball!

Except for Nasir, who is still a toddler, all of Nate's children enjoy and play basketball. Given that Nate was a star player in his time, it is of no surprise that all his kids enjoy basketball and are even looking to follow in his footsteps.

Nate even jokingly posted on Instagram that Nahmier and Nyale were born in the game. Moreover, he also said that the real player in the family was his daughter Nayvi.

Following his father's footsteps, Nate's eldest son, Nyale, and his team even got qualified for State Basketball Championship in 2019.

With his children following basketball, there is a chance that at least some of them will achieve as much as, if not more than, what Nate Robinson achieved in his basketball career.

Interestingly, Nate isn't confined to basketball only. He is trying on new things. He fought and lost YouTuber Jake Paul on November 28, 2020, in Robinson's in-ring boxing debut.

His fighting career may take some time to emulate his 11-years-long basketball career, which saw him win three NBA slam dunk contests and leave a legacy that motivates hundreds of aspiring players even today.